Luton Vans

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  • £0.00

    Sprinter Luton

    Mega Miles In A New Mercedes Sprinter Luton - Multiple Funders


  • Ford Transit Luton Lease £285.00

    Ford Transit Luton Lease

    Transit 350 L3 Luton Box Van 2.0TDCi 130 RWD Ring for availability of this and Lutons


  • Transit Luton £295.00

    Ford Transit Luton L4 One-Stop 130

    Ford Transit Luton L4 130 1 Stop


  • Citroen Relay 4m Luton Van £299.00

    Citroen Relay 4m Luton Van

    Relay 35 L3 Chassis Cab 2.2HDi 130 Luton Box Van


  • Renault Master Loloader Business £339.00

    Renault Master Low Loader Business

    Best Payload Best Residual Value No Tail Lift required Required


  • 2018 Renault Master Luton Van £339.00

    Renault Master Luton

    The 2018 Renault Master Luton Van - One Of the Best Payloads On The Market


  • New Vauxhall Movano Luton Vans £339.00

    Vauxhall Movano Luton Van

    Great Payload - Same Luton As Renault Master & NV400


  • Volkswagen Crafter Luton - plenty of space £369.00

    Volkswagen Crafter Luton

    Up to 50 Crafter Lutons in Stock With Tail Lift. Super small £7129 balloon.


  • £417.00

    Iveco Luton

    Iveco Luton Van. Often a Stock Item. Low Lease Prices On Iveco


  • New Luton Vans For Sale
    A Luton van is a product of a chassis cab married to some sort of body built after. Swiss vans stock dozens of New Luton Vans, that are perfect for luton van leasing.
    A Luton van is basically a chassis van that has usually a GRP or more rarely an aluminium body fitted. Some are actually curved but the is no evidence to suggest curbing a Luton offers any fuel saving benefit.
    The Luton vans, can either come ready build from the manufacturer, or using a local body builder.
    Manufacturer fitted bodies will always be of a higher standard and a higher resale value than a locally built one.
    Typically  luton van leasing payments are lower on factory luton vans and the resale values higher. Also should the body develop a fault or a leak its great to know you have the manufacturers backup.

    Financing A Luton Van 
    Luton Cash Sales. We pre register vans to save you money.
    Finance Lease. Deposits as low as 1 payment down and take the van over up to 72 months with or without a balloon. The vat is paid monthly and claimed back quarterly if your VAT registered.
    HP and Finance Lease. VAT upfront and payments over up to 6 years with or without a balloon.
    Contract hire. There is a popular misconception there is no credit check but there is . Payments can be higher than lease.

    Sensible Lease Balloons
    – If you are taking out a finance lease or a lease purchase agreement what sort of balloon or final finance payment should you go for? Well the more miles you drive the balloon has to be smaller or you will have to work that much harder when you wish to sell it. Be realistic .

    Swiss Popular Luton Options
    Luton Van Load Lok
    Extra tie rails
    Special High Roof Satnav and reversing cameras
    Luton 500 KG Tailift
    Low weight fibreglass  body – NAP Panels
    Curved roof – Citroen Luton & Mercedes Luton

    Bespoke Luton Vans 
    We are happy to build you a bespoke Luton also, but obviously like anything bespoke it will take longer so please plan ahead. Its also likely to require a visit to VOSA for type approval and they are busy guys.

    Luton Van Weights & Limits 
    Typically most Luton Vans weight about the low 2500 KG’s so payload is just over a 1000 KG in most cases. A low loader is slightly higher in payload as it doesn’t require a tail lift.
    If your wanting a tail lift there are a few different types that typically weigh 120 – 200 KG. If its a higher payload you require then you need to start looking  at a tachograph and operators license.