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    VW vans for sale or lease

    Volkswagen is one of the most famous automobile manufacturers in the world, instantly recognisable with their iconic VW badge. Founded in 1937,  VW created the iconic Beetle early on and more recently, the Golf. They have continued to create icons with VW vans.

    Depending on what you need the vehicle for, we have the VW Caddy, VW Amarok and VW Transporter for sale or lease.

    What VW vans can I get?

    An icon for vans was created in 1954 when the Transporter was launched in the UK. Even to this day, it is still a fashionable van which is used by people for leisure as well as those for business. VW have other vans to cater for other needs with one of the largest professional ranges.

    Swiss Vans have the VW Transporter for sale as one of our most popular vans but we also offer other Volkswagens to suit a wide variety of needs.


    The Caddy is the small van in the Volkswagen range, popular with businesses such as British Gas. It has been successful thanks to the ‘whole life costs’ of the van. Not only this, but it needs to be functional and comfortable which is exactly what it is.


    For those who need something powerful that makes driving off-road look easy, then the VW Amarok is a pick-up truck that can deliver. Whether it is the gravel of a construction site or the uneven fields of a farm, the Amarok provides a comfortable drive, even carrying a heavy load.

    Take a look at the VW Amarok.


    We have the VW Transporter for sale which is one of the most popular vans here at Swiss.

    Not just for surfers and campers, the Transporter can prove to be the perfect asset for businesses. Driven by all kinds of people; the versatility and image of this van is why you’ll see many of these on the road. Able to carry large loads and also capable of transporting passengers, there is a Transporter to suit almost any need.

    It is possible to fit three Euro pallets in a Transporter with a maximum load volume of 9.3m3 and a payload of 1.3 tonnes. It also comes in Kombi or Shuttle models so you can carry up to 9 passengers and is available in a number of different trims, including the high spec Sportline.

    We have the VW Transporter for sale with our own WASP kit or you could get the ABT style instead. There are options with the Transporter and there are options with Swiss. The most popular is the VW Transporter T6 Kombi Van

    We have the whole range of VW Transporter vans available.


    Volkswagen recognised the appeal in camping associated with their vehicles and the California was born. Based on the Transporter but with an elevating roof, the California can sleep four people in a few easy steps by transforming the upper level of your camper into a sleeping area.

    Check out the VW California.


    Many businesses rely on large powerful vans to shift large amounts of cargo or tools. This is where the Volkswagen Crafter comes into its own, being able to move up to just under 1.5 tonnes with a capacity of 18.4m3.

    The Crafter can also be converted to suit the specific needs of your business. Conversions can be things as such as a dropside or a tipper.

    Find out more about the VW Crafter.

    Swiss HQ upgrades

    The Volkswagen are some of the best vans to upgrade with the packages available at Swiss. You can really stand out by providing your van with a sporty look. It is also possible to include extras to assist you with your specific needs.

    We have the VW Transporte Edition for sale with our very own WASP kit.

    The features can include:

    WASP kit
    ABT style package
    Lowered suspension
    Nappa leather
    Reversing camera

    Check out the accessories available for Volkswagen vans with Swiss here.

    Purchase options for VW vans

    You can find the perfect Volkswagen van for you and your business, which can include whatever you need to make your life easier. Whatever you include will influence the end price, alongside things such as what size van you go for, the engine and the trim level.

    Not only is the famous VW Transporter for sale, but it is also available as a lease or contract hire, too. VW Transporter Finance

    Our sales team will be happy to assist you with any queries you have and provide you with a no obligation quote.

    Finance methods include:

    Lease purchase
    Buying outright
    Finance lease
    Hire purchase
    Van Leasing

    Call us today to find the right van and for details on van finance.

    Don’t forget, we also have some stock of used VW Transporter for sale.
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