Toyota Hilux

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  • WASP Coming Soon

    Toyota Hilux Invincible Carbon


  • Hell 4 Leather

    Hell 4 Leather

    We use Hell 4 Leather the UK's finest Van Leather


  • Toyota Hilux 2.4 Icon Manual Double Cab £229.00

    Toyota Hilux Icon

    Aircon Alloys 7 Inch Coloured Screen Great Off Road or Towing


  • Toyota Hilux 2.4 Invincible Manual £241.00

    Toyota Hilux Invincible

    Automatic Aircon, LED Headlights, Smart Entry, 18 Inch Alloys,


  • Toyota Hilux 2.4 Invincible Automatic £278.00

    Toyota Hilux Invincible Automatic

    Hilux Invincible - Massive Pick Up Trusted Alll Over The World


  • Toyota Hilux 2.4 Invincible X Manual £285.00

    Toyota Hilux Invincible X

    X Means You Get Leather & Satnav We can do this too as a WASP


  • Toyota Invincible X Lease £299.00

    Toyota Hilux 2.4 Invincible X Automatic

    UK FItted Satnav & Leather Look At WASP As Well


  • New 2018 Toyota Hilux For Sale
    Toyota Hilux Lease

    African Freedom Fighters mount 50 Calibers on the back. Jeremy  Clarkson took one to the North Pole. And you can drive one to the shops. The Toyota has been around for years, and its an Icon as much as a truck. Maybe thats why Toyota named the Hilux Icon the Icon? Who says the Japanese don’t have a sense of humour?  Anyway.

    We all know Toyota Hilux are great off road. Shall we just leave it at that ? All you want is payments and toys?

    They all get the same off road bits. The Trailer Sway, Hill Decent, VTOL, Its good off road.

    New 2018 Toyota Hilux For Sale 
    – We tend to stock Hi Spec Hilux Invincibles in Automatic

    Toyota Hilux Lazy Guide to Spec – For People Who Don’t Do Brochures
    Toyota Hilux Active
    – Dont know. Farmers one we guess. No one buys them anyway. Ask  Alexa if your that keen
    Toyota HiLux Icon – 6 inch Touch Screen Dab with Reversing Camera. Aircon.
    Basic Alloys. Side steps. A few other toys. Cloth Upholstery
    New Toyota Hilux Invincible For Sale – Anti collision, road sign assist, lane departure.
    Cloth interior and the same ICE unit as the ICON . Better Aircon.
    Toyota Hilux Invincible X For Sale  – Its the same truck as above with some leather and Toyota Touch 2 Go Satnav
    We think this satnav sucks compared with say  a Pioneer F88. Most people want Apple Carplay or Anroid Auto so its a fail. And the leather smells like paint.
    Hilux Carbon – A Black Pack. Upgrade Alloys, Get Leather, Customise it.
    Hills WASP – Slay Zombies. Not yet keep checking.

    ICON VS Invincible VS Invincible X
    Buy the Invincible. Get it delivered to Swiss HQ- no free delivery as we need to mod. Choice of 36 leathers, Real ICE, towbars, hardtops, Upgrade Alloys. Loads more. The Hilux is a bit plasticky inside and if you have the money we will unbolt  anything that moves and slap leather on it.

    New 2018 Toyota Hilux Factory Options 
    Its rare to factory order a Toyota Hilux Invincible after all Japan is miles away.