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  • vw transporter abt

    VW Transporter T6 Kombi ABT Style

    VW - T6 - ABT- Kombi Van. Mix and Match. Take as much or as Little as you want


  • VW Transporter Sportline For Sale

    VW Transporter Sportline Style

    VW Transporter Sporline Style - Get the look without the price or the wait


  • VW Transporter Sport £329.00

    VW Transporter Edition Sport

    2018 VW Transporter Sport™ Edition Lights Action Cameras! £329


  • VW Transporter Sport £349.00

    Volkswagen Transporter Kombi Sport

    Volkswagen Transporter Kombi Sport Subtle splitter and Carbon Colour


  • Pure Grey VW Transporter £359.00

    VW Transporter Pure Grey

    New VW T6 Pure Grey Kombi - You pick The Model We Build Pure Grey At Swiss HQ & Made for you


  • VW Transporter Sportline £419.00

    VW T6 Transporter Sportline Kombi

    Transporter Van T32 SWB 2.0 BiTDI 204 Sportline


  • VW Transporter Sportline For Sale

    The VW Transporter Sportline is an icon and as such its become a word for any sort  of styling done on a Volkswagen  Van. The Germans don’t share our passion for styling of vans this hats off to Volkswagen  UK whom in about 2006 launched a model that no one knew would change the van world. It would never be the same. Since then every mother and his dog ourselves included have sought to evolve this van.

    When the T6 VW Transporter Sportline was launched in 2016 it came as somewhat a disappointment to many possibly because there were already so many competitors around. Also the price had ballooned from the original £18999 in 2008 to well double.

    What can Swiss offer Sportline wise?
    1. The occasional genuine Sportline  is available but in honesty popularity and demand had gone somewhat but its your truck.
    2. A copy cat Sportline with similar bumpers, choice of alloys including genuine Sportline alloys, carpeting, satnav , leather whatever you want.
    The leather is far far better.
    3. ABT . A great looking front bumper and choice or sidebars, side skirts, several exhausts, a huge choice.
    4. WASP and WASP 2. Swiss own brand. Two designs and the WASP sells better than the Sportline anyway.
    5. Sport – A basic understated front spoiler

    Funding a Volkswagen Van 
    Cash, HP, Lease Purchase, Finance Lease. Contract hire is available but not a good option for a custom van.