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VW Transporter Highline Lease


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Deposit from £500 + VAT up to max of 50% of vehicle price

Contract Hire

Hire a Transporter across 4 years from £253pm + VAT

Finance lease

Lease a Transporter from £223pm + VAT across 5 years

Get the WASP

Add the WASP to your lease for approx £30pm

Congratulations on finding the best place in the UK to lease a VW Transporter Highline van or Kombi-

  • Up to 300 VW Transporters in Stock
  • Consistently Cheap VW Lease Deals
  • 5 Star Customer Reviews
  • Delivered Free To Your Door
  • Huge Range Of Modifications

Make yourself a Gin & Tonic, pour a Thatchers, or make a cup a tea…  You have finally found the right place, and right page to finally sort this out. Heck!  Its been long enough eh?  Just think, when delivery is sorted you can finally post on a VW Facebook forum, rather than just stalking it!

You dabbled with the idea of a Trend, coughed and frowned at a Startline, but finally its a “Eureka” moment.  You have pretty much decided on a New VW Transporter Highline on a finance package you don’t really understand “but wow its cheap!”

VW T6 Kombi, Leather Interior

So, can you afford a VW Transporter  Highline on a lease?
It’s as cheap as it gets as we check daily. 
We simply love selling the VW Transporter Highline on a lease.  They normally come out about £289 a month over 4 years with about £2500 down for a 150 T32 Highline.
T32 have a good resale value, T30 far less. The difference is only 200 KG of payload. In other words, bigger springs.

You’re probably thinking “Why on earth contact an internet company to lease a VW Transporter Highline. After all, there is a dealer 10 miles down the road”
“I know exactly how you feel and it would be exactly the same for us years back when I bought my first Transporter. It was 2006 and so long ago Kombis were named Window Vans and not that popular. It was just so hard, lots of calls to dealers, who seldom rang back, and expensive prices. Most of all, I felt I was being judged. I was pretty close giving up on a van completely” IanHill – Swiss

‘Well its much easier now. We have 10 lines and plenty of people ready to help you sort out the right van at the right price. Sort out the mods, talk you through the funding and the T6 Packages  – do it all for you really.”

Van Leasing - Gray Kombi WASP
Just ring us and fill in the form so you don’t fall through the cracks

What on earth is finance lease? The answer to your first question is “No.” You don’t hand it back.
So many customers think that a lease means handing it back. You don’t, it’s your van.
Care for your New VW Transporter Highline, treat it badly its all up to you, its your van. Turn it into a camper, put a hot tub in the back it doesn’t matter, it’s your van.
Just with a final payment at the end to reduce your monthly payment. This is why a year old T6 can be £600 a month and a new one £300.
Bingo ! Penny drops…. Abracadabra

So is a VW Transporter Highline Kombi Lease Enough?
Absolutely not….
There isn’t much difference between paying say £300 a month and say £320 a month. And that £20 or £40 or £60 a month buys a lot of extra kit.
Think of this page as a seed. You know you want a VW Transporter Highline on a lease. And now you need to decide what another fiver a week will get you on the van.
Or a tenner or twenty and so on.
Told you it was the right page….

Van Leasing - Red Kombi WASP

– Things like carpeting, soundproofing, leather, suspensions, remapping are pretty normal these days just ask we do EVERYTHING
– PX. Kombi vans hold their price.  Even though its a 4 year deal in most cases if you PX in two years payments are about the same as we give you a cheap deal

VW Transporter Lease


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