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Confession time…….

We are slightly obsessed with giving you the very best VW Transporter Finance Deals.

We finance any VW Transporter or Transporter Kombi vans. Ring & Apply Quick Decision
Not just the ones we sell. You find it we fund it. 
Please explain this when we speak as our sales people are selling machines and assume you want one of ours. We cant finance private sales only from a dealer we check out. 

You’re excited, you want a van, but you’re petrified about finding the best way to fund it? Does that sound like you?

Our VW Transporter prices start from £189 a month for a base model T6 or £249 for a T6 Kombi
We have multiple finance companies and have invested in Credit Application Pre Search so can even tell you the best way to apply.

30  Second Guide to Financing a VW Transporter – Ring Us To Apply

The low down on finance options:

1. Finance Lease New And Used 

Cheap monthly payments so you don’t have to struggle.
Additional back end discount hidden in the deal.
Large balloons to make the payment affordable.
You can PX the van at any time.  For example; if your circumstances change due to redundancy, a child on the way or priorities change.

You can sell the van at any time. Add a pop top, a kitchen conversion, anything –  its YOUR van, and you are free to spend your life arguing over where to camp. You don’t have to pay the VAT up front, its spread monthly. Its great for private people, businesses, new start companies as the tax savings are spread over several years.

PX. Most finance lease customers PX after 2.5 years as its cheaper than keeping the van. Ask me why…..

Disadvantages. The word ‘lease’ scares people. Gasp! OMG he said Lease it!
Cheeky devil. If you want to keep the van for 20 years you can and we can help at the end, no charge. If you want to refinance the final payment you can.  As long as you haven’t mucked up your credit rating by going on too many camping holidays or paying for excessive mods on your credit card!

2. Lease Purchase.

The same but you pay a deposit PLUS VAT.  You automatically own the van at the end.

None unless you accidentally go for this and shouldn’t have. It gets all tax advantages in one year. If your company hasn’t made profit, finance lease would have been better as it spreads the tax savings into later years. Flat rate VAT customers this is your call. 

3. Contract Hire.

Great for large fleets of the same type of vans. White base T28, you know the type.
We do contract hire and its best for good credit companies with lots of drivers who need to control costs. Two types of customers ask for VW Transporter Contract Hire , fleet managers and customers with bad credit. One wants to control costs the other wants to dodge a credit check.  Please if your the latter google “van rental” this is what you really want. If you are fleet manager that needs to manage more than 25 vehicles drop us a message preferably  by phone and we guarantee to provide you with the best prices, practices and schemes possible.

You can’t get out of contract hire.
There is at the same credit check as any other type of finance but people wrongly think even with bad credit they can get it.
You can’t modify the van in any way it can only be factory options, not things like spoilers or custom leather etc.
The payments shoot up to the surprise of many when you add extras, due to the way contract hire is calculated.  Add £4000 of factory fitted accessories to a T6 on a 36-month deal and guess what ?? Your payments go up by £4000 over the term!

4. HP – VW Transporter Finance

We have special terms to make Hire purchase deals cheaper. VAT as deposit down and up to 7 years to pay

5. Pay outright-VW Transporter Finance

90% of customers who ask for a cash price then ask for a monthly payment.
Cash customers actually pay more for the van than a lease or lease purchase customer.
We cant so many but we can do small numbers of pre registered Demo Vans. You will be the second owner and we will be the first. We will use it for a period ranging from 1-5 months and then sell it to you. Promise not to go to the tip….
6. VW Transporter Refinance deals.
We can refinance your present VW Transporter Lease deal. Or help with you buying your present VW Transporter on lease for an admin fee. 

7. National Lottery  

Please ring in advance with your winning numbers!


– If your VAT registered then make sure the van or Kombi is VAT happy 🙂 The T30 Kombi isn’t.
– 65% of customers who take finance lease with us PX in around 30 months. Almost everyone who is in business does that with Swiss.  It’s cheaper to switch in long run.
– We say we can add a conversion to your finance package. We can but not all converters. Sure we are happy to register the van and deliver it to a converter. However we must be in mutual agreement with the converter, they must be established and several years trading history and accounts. This is to safeguard both of us.
– If its a used van we will not payout until after an RAC inspection paid for by you. This can be added to the finance in the form of cutback but we pay you at least a month later maybe longer. 
The reason is twofold, it ensures you are buying a great van and secondly it stops you blaming us later if you made a bad decision and cant accept responsibility for your poor choice. Either way it means the liability of choice is yours not ours. 


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