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Congratulations on finding the best place to get a Transporter T6 with ABT Kit

The New T6 ABT Pack is affordable.

Swiss stock over 150 VW T6 Transporters.  All ready for their VW Transporter ABT modifications,  so you don’t have to wait. Give us a call on 01656 674 620 and we will prove that we cost less and give more. We do the impossible every day which is giving you a custom van for similar payments as a basic van.  All about volume and the right people.

Get a customised New T6 for fractionally higher payments than you can get a standard Highline at your local dealer. No exaggeration give us a call or fill in the form if it’s the evening and we will get to you will get back to you.
You will be kicking yourself why you didn’t call before.
Leasing is the most affordable way to own a VW T6 Transporter or Transporter Kombi. It’s your van you own it. You don’t have to hand it back at the end. So you can do anything you want to it.

VW Transporter ABT Lease Prices

VW Transporter T6 ABT 150/180/204/260  Kombi Lease, With front ABT Splitter as a starter.
£2500 down 48 x £320 plus balloon

The more you pay, the more spec and more ABT kit we can put on the van.
Allow an extra two weeks for ABT vans at least please.  Especially if leather and exhaust are being done.

Mix And Match from a list of ABT extras, and add the cost to your monthly payment.
Front ABT Splitter – Included
Side skirts – from £17
Rear Splitter with exhaust – £40
Rear splitter with Swiss Quad Stainless Exhaust – £40
Rear wing – £10 a month
Swiss Leathers from £25 upwards a month
ABT Springs £357
Lowering Swiss 40MM from £357
Bilstein Shocks – £1250
ICE Upgrades _ Ring
Alloys – from £650
Side bars £250
Rear Spoiler Swiss £299
Performance upgrades £375
Upgrade to 204PS, DSG, 4Motions, LWB, Shuttles, whatever you need just pay the difference.

VW Transporter T6 150 – 260 Leasing is it right for me? YES !
T6 Leasing suits most customers. As long as you can get credit, it’s generally the cheapest way to get a VW Transporter T6. You don’t have to hand the van back at the end, it’s your van and you can PX any time you want within reason.

VW Transporter T6 Leasing Stock

We tend to stock up to 150 New VW T6 Highline, Highline Kombi, DSG, 4 Motion and 204 260 PS DSG  vans. Our average delivery time is just 14 days, a little longer if you want things like leather. Leather rocks.

Volkswagen Mods

Swiss offer a wide range of VW T6 Transporter modifications ranging from lowering, performance upgrades, leathers, and linings. Remapping can be done after delivery – ask for details. Brake upgrades, carpeting, soundproofing, van wraps, Bilstein suspensions, almost anything is possible.

PX Welcome
Over 60% of Swiss Customers buy again within 3 years


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