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A New  VW Amarok Lease Deal for less than you think.  Take delivery now . A versatile vehicle for work and play.  An asset to your business.  

  • Up to 300 VW Amarok Lease Deals in stock
  • V6 Specialists – Big is better
  • Finance any way you want
  • Consistently Cheap Business VW Lease Deals
  • 5 Star Customer Reviews
  • Delivered Free To Your Door or collect Wales
  • Up to 300 New VW Amarok for sale per year

New VW Amarok Lease

One of the most popular Business pickups in 2017, 2018, 2019  the VW Amarok lease deals look to be just as popular. The Highline is the most popular. Amarok finance is well suited to the Highline model as it has better resale value, every one wants a high spec automatic pickup.
100% pickup, 100% premium, The all New VW Amarok, everything you’d expect from an exclusive, premium class, all rounder. 100% Sale always on.

New VW Amarok Lease Gallery

VW Amarok Features

  • New 3.0 litre V6 TDi engines – Delivering power of up to 224PS excellent re sale value
  • New Powerful drive combination – Permanent 4MOTION all-wheel drive with 8 speed automatic gearbox
  • Highly economical – Bluemotion technology including Start/Stop system perfect for a Green Business
  • Modern infotainment systems – New radio and navigation systems, along with mobile online services. The Highline has most as standard.
  • Practical load platform – A wide load platform and accessible tailgate help to make loading and unloading as straight-forward as possible.

vw amarok lease

01 New Permanent 4MOTION all-wheel drive.
This 4×4 system with a self-locking Torsen middle differential provides a balanced 40:60 distribution for all on-road and off-road tasks.1

02 50° side angle.
The Amarok’s broad wheelbase provides enormous stability, even when driving along slopes with up to a 50° incline.2,3

03 45°climbing ability.
The new Amarok manages to climb inclines of up to 45°.2

Gripping performance.
The new Amarok delivers optimum grip, safety and comfort on virtually any surface. A go-anywhere attitude combines high ground clearance and superb body stability with our proven 4MOTION all-wheel drive system. A great addition to any business.

vw amarok lease

VW Amarok Load

A spacious load area. With 1,222mm between the wheelarches, the new Amarok’s load bed can accommodate Euro pallets with ease. The bed features a 2.52m2 load surface, while 508mm side panels and load-lashing rings help to keep your cargo in place.

New VW Amarok Gallery – Typical New VW Amarok for Sale

VW Amarok 3.0 litre V6 TDi Engines

The new Amarok’s range of new 3.0 litre V6 TDI engines have more than enough power and torque in reserve to shift heavy loads with ease and tackle the most demanding terrain.

3.0 litre V6 TDI 150kW (204PS)
Average fuel consumption: 36.2mpg
CO2 emission: from 203g/km
Maximum power: 150kW (204PS)
Maximum torque: 500Nm
Business friendly

3.0 litre V6 TDI 165kW (224PS)
Average fuel consumption: 36.2mpg
CO2 emission: from 204g/km
Maximum power (with overboost): 180kW (245PS)
Maximum torque: 550Nm

VW Amarok Lease Deals
Minimum deposit £500 but 10% is preferred by finance companies.
Typically £3000 down on a Amarok  Lease and payments to suit.

New Volkswagen Amarok Toys 
This  bit we all love, button, knobs, things that light up. You might not get the remote control in the evenings but once you step in and open the door your a King!
Whats it actually like inside the Amarok when your stuck tail to tail on the M4?
The Volkswagen leads the field with its 6.33 touch inch screen. Its an easy £299 fit for us to plumb in a reversing camera as well thanks to its great design, if only one wasn’t already fitted as standard….
Voice control see below, even if your on your own you can have a chat. Front and rear parking sensors, multi function display to try and immobilise that lead right foot you have, and cruise control to save your licence.  The Amrok has servotronic power steering so possibly feels lighter than other Volkswagen vans you might have had. Feels a but Japanezy if you have ever driver a Corolla, light enough to park with two fingers.

Standard exterior Amarok Features 
Lots of chrome, lots of paint on door handles, electric windows for everyone, privacy glass which with Black Paint  looks very “Snoop Dog” when your our cruising
urban. More chrome on the back, radiator, in fact anywhere VW can add it, in fact we cant pimp  the Amarok as we cant find a space to Pimp.
Every van has a towbar prep pack, which if your doing a different type of chilling at Swiss 2 trying to feed a towbar wire at 10 degrees we are very grateful.
Popular options + VAT 
Alloy Upgrades – Bigger is better – All terrain Tyres- Both destroy MPG however but look cool.
Snorkels – Nothing like a bit of scuba
Towbars both fixed and detachable – we have our own fitters
Paint coats – Super Guard £349, Ceramic Coat £899
Bed liners – Plastic
Bed liners – Durable Paint Finishes
Rolls bars, covers, Truck Man Hard Tops, you find it we will fit it. Bear in mind if its a non genuine VW accessory the guarantee is based with us not Volkswagen.
A lot of the non VW hardtops will leak which isn’t a problem for most but is if you transport cement for example.
Check out genuine VW accessories for the Volkswagen  Amarok here 


  • Smokers pack –
  • Winter pack – Amarok – Thats why they are for saleVolkswagen try very hard to stop you pick up truck being stolen. The most common way is by stealing your keys, thanks to a decent factory fitted alarm, lockable tailgate, remote locking and an immobiliser.

The best selling V6 Amarok as standard gets 5 seats, with Isofix in the rear, factory Vienna Leather Upholstery on most models
aircon and enough cup holders for a Mcdonalds addict.

Volkswagen  Apple VW Amarok App connect 
Satnav isn’t standard but its on many of the VW Amorok V6 that we order for stock. A great new feature is App Connect which means if you have smartphone (no not a smart looking phone), then you can use your phones Satnav, SMS, Spotify, Whats app.
Spotify – Stream – hundreds of thousands of songs
Apple Maps– Access directly and though you bur through data quite quickly its often more accurate than building in Satnav. We prefer it.
Whats App – Most people use Whats App rather than SMS these days. Via the multifunction screen you can read and send voice messages via the dash as long as you have a newish decent phone. We cant guaranteeVW Apple  App Connect  actually understands  regional accents.

Once you have delivery of your new VW Amarok Highline  try saying this with your phone connected

Siri / Amarok
Say ” I am drunk”
Siri – ” I hope your not driving ”
Siri ” Would you like a taxi”
Say  “I cant remember where I live”
Siri   “I thought not”

There are loads more
Say to your VW  “talk dirty to me”
Siri. “your carpet needs vacuuming”

Safety Performance and Handling of New VW Amarok VW
If you ever get a chance to go off road the V6 Amarok excels, especially in DSG Automatic. It a little wider than trucks like the old Land Rover Defender  but it almost beats it under some circumstances. On town driving you have the ABS, ESP and brake assist working all together for those drowsy  moments where you wander off, keeping you and your passengers safe. Like almost all VW vans now it have twin front airbags, one of which you the driver can disable. The New Amarok actually gets side and curtain airbags.
In a field, the Amarok has hill decent control, fully automatic, so you look like. pro going down sleep forestry roads, with traction control kicking in when you floor it, flattering your driving and trailer stability assist doing the same so the only time you ‘Rock” is when you show your age and play a little “Def Lepard”

VW Amarok For Sale
Try Swiss for nearly new VW Amarok for sale. We lover to sell VW Amarok a few weeks old with a few thousand miles if you want to save.
These vehicles are typically two months old and no more than 4,000 miles.



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