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volkswagen transporter

Volkswagen Transporter

Whether you are looking to buy or lease a Volkswagen Transporter, there are a few things to bear in mind, below is a guide to the options available, if however you would rather talk to a specialist please call 01656 674 620

Volkswagen Transporter History

The inspiration for the VW Transporter started shortly after the Second World war, it was based on a motorised trolley made from stripped down VW Beetle chassis and running gear, called Plattenwagen these were used to transport parts around the Wolfsburg factory were.

The first transporter left the production line in 1950 (also known as the T1 model) and ran from 1950 – 1967.

This was followed by the T2 (1967–1979) T3 (1979–1992) T4(1990–2003) T5 (2003–2015)

Volkswagen Transporter T6.

In 2016 the latest incarnation of the VW Transporter hit the road.

So what are my options?

The Volkswagen Transporter comes as

Volkswagen Transporter Panel Van

volkswagen transporter

VW Transporter Panel Van Deals

Volkswagen Transporter Kombi Van

volkswagen transporter

VW Transporter Kombi Van Deals

  • VW Transporter Edition £409.00

    VW Transporter Edition

    The Highly Anticipated VW Transporter Kombi Edition. The Cheaper Alternative To VW Sportline.


  • vw transporter kombi £325.00

    VW Transporter Kombi

    Finance Lease From £325 Per Month*


  • VW t6 Transporter Sportline kombi £494.97

    VW Transporter Sportline

    Transporter Van T32 SWB 2.0 BiTDI 204 Sportline


  • VW Transporter Petrol Kombi £325.00

    VW Transporter T6

    Finance lease: From £223pm over 5 years


For the latest deals call 01656674620

VW Transporter Wheel Base and Roof Height

For most businesses & tradesmen the Panel van is the go to choice. these comes in 2 lengths:

Short Wheel Base (SWB)
Long Wheel Base (LWB)

volkswagen transporter
Next choose the roof you require.

(SWB) Low Roof
(SWB) Medium Roof
(LWB) Low Roof
(LWB) Medium Roof
(LWB) High Roof
volkswagen transporter

The base model is known as the Startline.

However if you wish to upgrade the vans features you may wish to opt for the Trendline, or should you require features not usually seen in a business van there is the Highline (top spec).


Volkswagen Transporter Engines.

With a wide range of engines from the frugal 2.0TDI 84PS EU6 5-Speed Man BMT with extra urban figures topping – 54.3 (5.2) through to the more powerful 2.0BiTDi 204PS, all engines are Euro 6 with AdBlue.


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