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Transporter Kombi Lease


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Basic VW Transporter Kombi Lease

£2500 down 48 x £249 Month

Transporter Kombi Lease 150/ 200

£3000 down 48 x £330 upwards + final payment month. Loads of mods in price

WASP or Sportline Pack

WASP packs & Aftermarket Sportline Packs from £40 month

Refinance Balloons

Up to 7 years to pay refinance balloon from £100

Searching For An Unbeatable VW Transporter T6 Kombi Lease Deal?  Finally! You’ve found us!

At Swiss we have something of an obsession with New Volkswagen Transporter Kombi  Lease Deals.  Maybe that’s why we have over 300 New Volkswagen Transporter Kombi T6 In Stock.  It’s also why we have mods that no one else has and everyone else is still trying to catch up.

  • Up to 300 VW Transporters in Stock
  • Consistently Cheap VW Lease Deals
  • 5 Star Customer Reviews
  • Delivered Free To Your Door
  • Huge Range Of Modifications

Are Swiss Vans  New Volkswagen Transporter Kombi Lease Deals  Cheap?

We are cheap. We should beat a normal dealer by thousands.
Volkswagen is all about commitment so by having large numbers in stock and on order we get bigger discounts.  Also, since we specialise in vans rather than selling 50 different makes of cars and vans –  we keep our prices low.
Van Leasing - Gray Kombi WASP

So the answer is yes.  Incredibly cheap.  Contact our team of VW Specialists on 01656 674 620.

They are UK vehicles and they haven’t stood in a showroom for six months like many of the deals you may have been offered.

Deals & Transparency

There is always a deal to be had of some sort.  However,  our deals always consist of providing incredible value on our New Volkswagen Transporter Kombi  Lease Deals,  in terms of the lowest monthly payment we can achieve for you.

If you then choose to upgrade anything, that’s up to you.  But at least our prices are transparent.


We have a LOT of stock!
Most of our customers receive delivery when they buy a New Volkswagen Transporter Kombi Leasing Deal within 14 days, even with additions like leather or a spoiler.
We have about 300 New VW Transporter Kombi  Vans in stock at any one time, so we should be able to find your perfect van.
We actually order many of these vans 3 – 6  months ahead which is the average build time.  Longer in some cases for things like DSG and 4 Motion.
So, while we welcome factory orders,  we can’t always guarantee factory lead times and interest rate changes.

All our vans qualify for free delivery anywhere in the UK and you will find our paperwork easy.


We tend to stock T32 150 and 204 VW T6 Transporter Kombi and DSG as it’s crucial to resale value and factory order the lower base specs.

VW T6 Lease Purchase:
Get step same discounts just put your VAT Upfront.

van leasing - WASP editionPopular Options:

Add leather from £25 – £40  a month.
Swiss 40mm Lowering £357
Coilovers £1250
Pioneer Satnavs with reversing camera £899 – £1099
Non approved VW Performance upgrades £375
Rear Twin Exhaust and skirt £1899

VW Transporter T6 Leasing.   Is it right for me? YES !
T6 Leasing suits most customers. As long as you can get credit, it’s generally the cheapest way to get a New VW Transporter T6.  You don’t have to hand the van back at the end, it’s your van and you can PX any time you want within reason. Private, self-employed, no accounts, it’s all fine with Swiss as long as your credit history is good.


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