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Deposit from £500 + VAT up to max of 50% of vehicle price

Contract Hire

Hire a Transporter across 4 years from £253pm + VAT

Finance lease

Lease a Transporter from £223pm + VAT across 5 years

Get the WASP

Add the WASP to your lease for approx £30pm

Congratulations! You have found the best and cheapest place to lease your new VW Transporter T6.

  • Up to 300 VW Transporters in Stock including DSG Automatic and 4Motion
  • Consistently Cheap VW Lease Deals
  • 5 Star Customer Reviews
  • Delivered Free To Your Door
  • Huge Range Of Modifications

01656 674620

You could say we have an obsession for the VW Transporter and T6 Leasing Deals.

Are Swiss Vans T6 Leasing Deals Cheap?

We are cheap.  We should beat a normal dealer by thousands

Volkswagen is all about commitment so by having large numbers in stock and even more on order we get bigger discounts.  Also, since we specialise in selling vans rather than selling 50 different makes and models of cars – we keep our prices low. We even keep DSG and 4

So the answer is yes. Incredibly cheap.

They are UK vehicles and they haven’t stood in a showroom for six months like many of the deals you may have been offered.

VW T6 GalleryVW T6 Red Kombi
Volkswagen Transporter T6 with Orange leather interior
VW T6 Kombi, Leather Interior
VW T6 Candy White

Deals & Transparency

There is always a deal of some description

Always our deal consists of providing incredible value on our Volkswagen Transporter Leasing Deals. In terms of the lowest monthly payment we can achieve for you.

If you then choose to upgrade anything, that’s up to you but at least our prices are transparent.

Speak to our VW experts today on 01656 674 620


T6 Leasing Availability

We have a LOT of stock!

Most of our customers receive delivery when they buy a New Volkswagen Transporter Leasing Deal within 14 days, even with Things like leather or spoiler.

We have about 300 New Volkswagen Transporter T6 in stock at any one time so we should be able to find you a van.

We actually order many of these vans six months ahead which is the average build time. Longer in some cases for things like DSG and 4 Motion and 204PS

So while we welcome factory orders we can’t always guarantee factory lead times and interest rate changes

All our vans qualify for free delivery anywhere in the UK and you will find our paperwork easy.

Lease a New Volkswagen Transporter from Swiss and you will have a choice of at least 200  New T6 Transporter to choose from.

How does T6 Leasing work?

You place a deposit of say £2500 down plus the vat on this so totaling about £3000. You can go higher you can go lower of course

Lease Payments are pretty obvious; the more you put down the cheaper their monthly payment.

Final Payment.  (Often Named Balloon)

Ok, what on earth is a final payment? It’s simply a pre agreed amount of money that you pay at the end.

The amount is based on the Transporter model you choose to lease and this simply gets deducted from your PX price later on when you come to trade in the Transporter in say two years.

If I sign for 4 years do I have to keep it that long? After all, I get bored?
Maybe you want a DSG or a 4Motion?

Absolutely not give us a call after say two years as the majority of customers can keep a similar monthly payment. They have gone up a little but that’s mainly due to the £ vs Euro and of course they are German Made.  In fact, there are major tax savings for many customers by PX early.

But what if I want to keep the van or pay it off

Sure yes, you can do it. It’s a paperwork exercise give us a ring and we will explain.

Lease Purchase is great if you want to keep the VW Transporter T6 at the end 
– Same leasing discounts and support, same cheap interest rates
– You keep van at end 
– It’s a purchase so great for Flat Rate VAT customers
– All tax allowances are over the first year in most cases

Caddy Lease


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