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Short Term Lease Vans

Short Term Van Lease is an agreement to rent a vehicle for a brief period of time.

Short Term Van Lease

Short Term Van Lease transactions are made easy, even for those companies who desire to lease vans with bad or no credit rates, as there has been a relaxation of personal credit checks. The leasing is flexible and is ideal for keeping control of fleet costs. Contract leasing is fantastic for companies who want to manage the administration and depreciation, with no mileage restrictions or any potential end of contract leasing charges. There are no hidden costs and no compulsory extras.

Because of the short time in which the van is rented, it is likely that the rate of van leasing will be cheaper than a day-to-day rental, and most vehicles will not require servicing or maintenance. This is absolutely ideal for companies that need a commercial van for a short period of time.

Short Term Van Lease provides superb flexibility, there is no obligation to commit to a long-term contract. However, if you do need a vehicle for a longer period than previously expected, there are flexible offers available on that too. Leasing gives you the opportunity to afford new vehicles which your budget might not be able to stretch to if you had chosen to buy them straight out, so this is ideal for short term commercial projects.

Swiss Vans is one of the top van suppliers in the UK, we have some excellent van lease deals available in our fantastic Short Term Van Lease Range. One of our most popular vans in the range, is the brilliant Volkswagen Transporter Highline Kombi, which is a very reliable vehicle with an impressive payload allowance of 1036 kg and an efficient 2 litre engine. The Kombi has a high specification and is perfect for anyone that wants maximum comfort with little commitment. There are various optional added features which you can have, including a tailgate, parking sensors and aircon. Have a browse through our fantastic range now, and find something suitable for you or get in contact with one of our team who will will help you find the right vehicle for you.