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VW Transporter T6 Alloy Wheels

VW Transporter T6 Alloy Wheels For Sale From £150 each

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  • Models Available

    Models Available

    VW Transporter Alloy Wheels

    Here at Swiss Vans, we have a number of options when it comes to kitting your van out with stylish VW Transporter alloy wheels. We have connections with reputable distributors from the UK and Europe, such as Borbet, Wolfrace, 3DSM and Axe. If you want something that is really out there or something to give your van a classy look, there will be alloys for you. Have a look through the manufacturers ranges and find the alloys for you. Our sales team will be happy to help so give us a call.

    *Please note: alloy wheels subject to availability

    Brake Dust & Corrosion

    Get off to a good start by letting Swiss HQ protect your alloys from the start. Click here to find out more.

    Alloy wheels are made from aluminium and will need routine protection to prevent corrosion or peeling. Having these coatings can help to protect against this happening. It’s also a good idea to register your wheels with the manufacturer so you get a better guarantee. A standard warranty with most of our alloy wheel distributors is 12 months but by registering, your warranty can sometimes be extended.

    VW Transporter alloy wheels for sale

    Depending on how big you want to go, there are different alloy sizes available from 18″ – 22″

    The bigger the wheel, the better it looks. We agree that larger alloys get the heads turning as they really fill out the wheel arches giving your vehicle a fuller look. But, be aware that choosing a size which is above 18″ can bring with it warranty implications. This is because larger wheels can affect the drive and have implications on performance. It is most important that you check with your insurance provider if it will affect your policy,too.

    For the VW Transporter, we recommend 18″ wheels. But, once you’ve weighed up your options and have decided that going larger is viable, we have those options available.

    *Please note: A disclaimer will need to be signed for alloys larger than 18″.

    VW Transporter alloy wheels by Borbet

    Borbet are a world renowned light alloy company based in Germany who have expanded to countries such as South Africa and USA. Because of their German roots, it’s no surprise that they are the perfect accompaniment to a Volkswagen.

    Choose your style with the Borbet Configuaration Tool.

    Unlike other alloy companies, the reputable Borbet offer a 2 year warranty for their wheels. This covers you for faulty or defective products. For any accidental damage or wear and tear, you will not be covered.


    Wolfrace Alloy Wheels

    For 45 years the Wolfrace Wheels company has been at the forefront of the UK alloy wheel scene. There is a wide selection of alloys with this manufacturer; choose from a number of different designs and colours to make your van stand out.

    Check stock online with the Wolfrace Alloy Wheel Tool. Its important to register your wheels for a longer guarantee and decide if you want us to pre treat them too to reduce brake dust and corrosion.

    The standard warranty for Wolfrace Wheels is 12 months but depending on which design you go for, this can be extended by registering your purchase on their website.

    3SDM Alloy show wheels

    These are some really unique and flash looking sets of alloys. If you really want to stand out, you will with alloys from 3SDM. But, with these, the load rating on your van could be reduced so it’s worth checking with your insurance company whether these are viable or not.

    3DSM also offer a 12 month warranty for the finishing while there is a lifetime warranty on the structure of the alloy. Claims that arise from improper use or accidental damage will not be considered.

    Axe VW Transporter alloy wheels

    New to the market not many people have heard of Axe wheels but they are already one of the leading distributors of alloy wheels in the UK . They are a breath of fresh air to the alloy wheel industry, presenting a modern and contemporary look. With this new and ambitious company keen to keep up with the latest trends, expect the range to grow.

    Warranty on these alloys are 12 months as standard. Wear and tear is not included in the cover, as well as any accidental damage.

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