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VW Transporter Accessories Whether its a work van or custom van we have it covered at Swiss HQ


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  • Models Available

    Models Available

    VW Transporter Accessories Click Here  
    Alloy wheels on a separate page or if you find it on the web we should be able to get it. Our only stipulation is that its load rated
    and that you sign a disclaimer  if they are above 18 inches.

    If there are a serious amount of mods then we cant do the free delivery to your home as we need it here at Swiss HQ to do the work rather than at the dealer.
    We give you one free delivery to either your home or to Swiss HQ Click Here 

    You don’t have to have bought the van from us to get it prepared at Swiss HQ.  We do work for plenty of dealers. Prices are fitted plus VAT .  See separate page for leather.

    If you cant see a mod here just ask, we probably can or have.

    VW Transporter T6 Alloy Wheels Click Here 
    We believe you should choose what wheels you want. They need to be load rated to say minimum of 900 KG each and suitable tyres. We won’t compromise on this.

    VW Transporter T6 Custom Leather Seats Click Here  
    We use Hell 4 Leather which is possibly the best leatherwear seat sin the UK. A truly customised van for not much more than a standard van.
    It takes about an extra two weeks for leather over our standard delivery times and be aware there are peak times like the end of a month.
    We need a larger deposit for leather or payment up front as the leather is bespoke to you.
    Our leather is real leather. Most other leather companies use whats named Bi Leather, which is actually PVC with a pattern and ground up leather waste. This is why our leather smells so good and competitors leather frankly smells  like the back or a decorators van. Real leather will wear into a patina and last and last. PVC and Bi leather lasts a couple of years at the most. PVC isn’t cool.

    VW Transporter Carpeting and Lining  Click Here 
    Our choice is fantastic. Choose your colour and type of lining. Choose your roof. Choose carpet or techno suede on the panels.
    Choose soundproofing. Choose lighting. All prices are plus VAT just like the vans.



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