VW Caddy Kombi

VW Caddy Kombi

VW Caddy Kombi Maxi 102 Engine


Deposit: £2400
60 x £249 / £Yes Balloon

Finance Lease Example

Deposit: £2400
60 x £249
Balloon £Yes
Prices exclude VAT and RFL
  • Models Available

    Models Available

    VW Caddy Kombi

    The  VW Caddy Kombi is a practical, working van choice for carrying up to 5 people. It is ideal for confined spaces and city streets, yet the seats quickly fold up and away to give quite an astonishing payload. This is a versatile vehicle.

    Standard Items on Caddy Maxi Kombi:
    There are no model options on a Kombi
    Aircon, Satnav, cruise control, tyre pressure monitoring, rear barn doors. Rear isofix mountings
    If you want features like aircon the chances are it will be a factory order. Order early but try us for occasional stock vans that can be yours in as little as 7 days. The payload is over 630 KG which means you can really fit say 4 people in this van plus their tools, or 5 without.
    Dont forget the rear seats fold which enable larger loads to be carried.
    This means up to 3.9 cubic metres can be carried. In fact the rear seats are removable

    Popular Factory Options:
    You have a Choice of Diesel or Petrol Engines such as
    a 2.0 Diesel 102 or 150 PS and Petrol 1.0 and 1.4 in 102 and 125 PS
    There is an optional DSG automatic but remember to order this van  early as it will take months to arrive.

    Methods of Finance
    Finance Lease VW Caddy Maxi Kombi
    £2000 down 59 x £227 a month £5097 balloon
    £2400 down 47 x £249 a month £5869 balloon
    – Pay Cash or  pre registation – try Swiss for late models a few months old
    – Contract hire – The resale value on the Kombi Vans are quite high at the moment so there are  always some cheap contract hire payments  about with us.
    – HP – Lease Purchase – Put VAT down payments over up to 72 month
    with or without  a balloon

    Popular Volkswagen Accessories 
    Check out our VW Caddy Accessories Page 
    – We Fit genuine Nappa Leather Seats – By Hell 4 Leather
    – An easy upgrade is Satellite tracking & witness cameras great fro city use.
    – Superguard paint sealant and Ceramic coats can help keep the van clean for longer
    – Plylining,racking.
    – Wasp it with alloy wheels, splitters and spoilers, a lowered suspension, side bars, give it some love.
    -Pioneer & Kenwood ICE systems and satnav


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