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    Van Leasing

    Apply for Cheap Van Leasing Deals at Swiss Vans. We love to sell high spec vans but they all start life as a basic Ex Works Factory Van.  Which means we can sell you anything from a Berlingo to a T6 WASP 260

    What is Van Leasing?
    Deposit of £500 – 40% of vehicle price
    Monthly payments plus VAT
    Final payment based on residual value of the vehicle, your mileage and occupation
    Some occupations or milages we suggest you don’t have  balloon
    Can you keep it, yes  own it or write it down as you have already had 100% tax advantages

    Is Van Leasing Right For Me?
    Yes its right for most customers but ask us.
    Suppose you are 60 and want to keep the van after converting it to a camper with your own time and money while still using it for work till you retire. And your dream is sitting by lakes abroad camping can you keep it and how?
    Sure. You pay off the balloon sell it to a third party and buy it back. What you can’t do is take it back onto the books. Some finance companies  charge a percentage of the final payment, and some charge VAT on the sale at the end which is a bit unfair for VAT registered companies  so ring by all means and we will tell you the one to avoid.

    Advantages Of  UK Van Leasing
    100% tax deductible
    Great for VAT and non VAT registered  companies
    Its off your books so treated  like a rental
    Deposits are smaller than HP
    Low low monthly payments due to the final payment
    Can PX at any time so its especially suitable for new start companies and smaller companies.
    Your not locked in like contract hire

    Disadvantages on UK Deals
    There is no real disadvantage to a cheap van lease as long as you are honest with yourself at the beginning The balloon is basically a large final payment.
    Examples of where van leasing goes wrong
    – A builder who buys a dropside van and batters the hell out of it with rubble denting the bed and most panels. Clearly the van won’t be worth what it should as the van has been abused.
    – Taxi drivers, who say they do 10,000 miles a year and then do that in the first week , in order to reduce a monthly payment which doesn’t fool anyone.
    Finance lease isn’t great for Flat Rate VAT customers as you can only reclaim VAT on purchases not rentals. Ask for a finance lease quote if you are.
    Its shouldn’t be confused with hire

    Scotland & Northern Ireland UK 
    Although we offer free delivery to these areas please be aware we can do cheaper deals if you self collect. We in many cases will even pay for your flight up to £100.

    We pride ourselves s in being in being a company with great cheap lease deals, not just customised vans. Although never advertised we can subject to status  create a deal with no deposit apart from the holding one.

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