Van Contract Hire

Van Contract Hire

Van Contract Hire - Let Swiss Double The Size Of Your Fleet This Year



Van Contract Hire

Van contract hire is a type of finance where you get the van for a pre agreed length of time, mileage and condition. When one factor changes then so will another. It best suits companies wishing to get large numbers of basic vans.

Time VS Mileage VS Condition = your overall cost
If you are contract hiring say a Mercedes Car for three years its easy to control the condition. Probably the same with say an electrician  having a VW Caddy for three years.

The easiest way to explain is that its an agreement to almost rent a vehicle but there is a credit check

What van contract hire  is not 
Its not a miraculous  way for individuals to get a van without a credit check nor for a courier to do 100,000 miles a year at a low fixed monthly payment. Insurance is never included. Contract Hire is sometimes confused by the weary as van rental.
The Road Fund Licence  is always included and it can we
– With or without maintenance
– With or without a replacement vehicle which is an insurance policy
On totally a different subject its usually a little bit more expensive to insurance a van thats on contract hire as you don’t have the title .

Finance Deposits 
The lowest  is one in advance, generally the normality is three but in many many adverts you will see 9 – 12 to make the monthly payment look cheaper.
Vat is paid monthly
Business Tax
Every payment 100% off tax month by month
Private Customers 
Its hit and miss if you will be accepted  as a private customer regardless on how great your credit history is

Mods & Custom Vans
Many of our customers like to have their vans modded and customised by us. With this type of deal there are only very basic things which we can do

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