Retrofit Heated Seats

Retrofit Heated Seats

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    Models Available

    Retrofit Heated Seats

    Why bother with retrofit heated seats? OK you have found the van you love whether it is new or old and decided to treat yourself to to some Hell 4 Leather seats. However the car or van is standard factory without heated seats. Well the great news is that its pretty easy to retrofit heated seats when we fit the new leather.
    We can do front on any vehicle and we can do back on some vehicles. Vans like the T6 are impossible to retrofit  heated seats. Well thats not quite accurate  of course we can do it but they are removable seats and there would be nasty potential dangerous wires exposed. The seats are also removable so we cant. If there is a bulkhead and the seats have a front cover then we can probably do it.

    We can retro fit heated seats even if your not having leather done but its a lot of work so might not be cost effective.


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