New 2018 Ford Transit Sync 3

Ford Transit Custom Satnav & ICE

Upgrade your FORD Sync 3 at Swiss HQ

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  • Models Available

    Models Available

    Ford Transit Custom Satnav & ICE

    This is the new 2018 Ford Transit Custom Satnav, which can include upgrades. Ford have made a leap forward with a new for 2018 Ford Sync 3 complete with a massive 8 inch screen on all Limited models . It comes in two models one with satellite navigation one without. This is a great move as the old units looked like they were from a William Shatner Star Trek movie.
    From  what we gather Ford has teamed up with Alexa and this is what you get 
    Even do your shopping on the move
    Apparently you can even control your home heating

    Ford Transit Custom Sync 3 Standard Unit

    – Voice control for dialing.
    – Voice control for search. The mind boggles at what you can search for. Give it a try !
    – Bluetooth to phone & Spotify streaming
    – Live traffic updates
    – Swipe the screen

    Ford Transit Custom Satnav Sync 3

    – As above but with a navigation module. You cannot upgrade currently to Nav but a phone works well

    Swiss HQ Mods – If you get your new Transit Custom delivered here to us instead 

    If your into your music then this might be for you. By having the van delivered to Swiss HQ rather than to your front door there are a lot of options and customisation work that can be done and is tried and tested.

    Rear reversing camera £299 for the above retro fitted

    Front Speaker Upgrade
    – Simply Replace the front speakers with Pioneer

    Front & Rear Speaker  Upgrade
    – Replace the front and rear speakers with Pioneer
    – Construct a housing to the rear for the speakers.
    – Add an amplifier

    Front Rear & Sub 
    – replace ether speakers front and back using a higher grade, more expensive Pioneer components
    – Construct a housing to the rear
    – Add an amplifier
    – Add a sub woofer and a housing

    – From a basic quick fix soundproofing  to the rear
    – To a comprehensive sound proofing and insulation where we literally take the van apart and rebuild with
    Silent coat and insulation
    The price depends on how much of the van you wish done. The Ford is more difficult and takes longer than a Volkswagen for example
    as so many parts are contained

    Retro Fit Android Sync 3 Style Head Unit
    – Fitted £499 + VAT
    – Camera add £299
    – Return to base warranty at Swiss HQ 12 months
    – GPS, android, 3g and 4g, DAB +, support steering wheel controls, TPMS, supports camera,
    Integrated design. But in WIFI, plays multimedia and you can Zone to watch media and use satnav but not while driving !

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