Ford Transit Custom Alloy Wheels

Ford Transit Custom Load Rated Alloys. With Load rated Tyres

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  • Models Available

    Models Available

    Ford Transit Custom alloy wheels

    If you want your van to stand out, how about kitting it out with some Ford Transit Custom alloy wheels? We have a wide selection from a number of different manufacturers that can give your Transit the edge it needs.

    Wolfrace Ford Transit Custom alloy wheels

    Established since 1971, Wolfrace Wheels have built up a reputation as providers of high-quality, affordable alloys. There’s a huge choice of style, colour and fitment to choose from that can suit the Ford Transit.

    Check the availability here
    If it’s out of stock, ring us as we hold stock too.

    Wolfrace Wheels have a warranty on their alloy wheels of 12 months – although this can be extended by up to 5 years depending on what product you go for by registering your purchase online. This covers you should any Wolfrace wheel you have been sold be faulty or defective. Accidental damage or negligence is not included under the warranty.

    Borbet Ford Transit Custom alloy wheels

    Hailing from the German region of Sauerland, BORBET are a leading international provider of light alloy wheels. In 1977, the company noticed the potential in the market for producing alloy wheels so this is when they started and they haven’t looked back ever since. There is vast range of different designs available to fit your Ford Transit.

    For the availability, check here

    The warranty on Borbet’s alloy wheels is 2 years. If the alloy proves to defective or faulty, then you are covered with the warranty. However, accidental damage or wear and tear is not covered.

    Axe Ford Transit Custom alloy wheels

    Axe Wheels are one of the top distributors of alloy wheels in the UK. With many contemporary and cutting edge designs, they continue to keep up with trends in the alloy wheel world. Axe have designs which are exclusive to the Ford Transit so you can have a unique look to your van.

    To find out their availability, look here.

    Axe Wheels have a warranty of 12 months for any faulty or defective products.  Damage caused by kerbing, chemical damage or wear and tear is not covered.

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