Ford Ranger Finance

Ford Ranger Finance

Whats The Best Way To Finance A Ford Ranger?



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    Models Available

    The best ways to get Ford Ranger Finance. The best way to finance a Ford Ranger really depends on your trade and the use you will put it to.

    Ford Ranger Finance

    Hire Purchase

    Hire Purchase Ford Ranger Finance

    Many of the extra deals and discounts are not transferrable to a Hire Purchase deal as there is ownership at the end. Thus the cheapest way is to buy a pre registered Ford Ranger. There are two types of pre registration on Ford, as Demonstrator and as Fleet. The latter has considerably more discount and savings but there is usually a 12 month log book retention period and it can sometimes cause issues with “jealous” dealers who hate you saving money rather than paying retail price from them. The VAT is usually placed upfront and claimed back by a VAT registered customer
    Adding a balloon payment to the end is named lease purchase
    – All tax write down in one year so great way to write some of your tax bill off
    – No final payment so its great for people doing high mileage or workers like builders and ground workers who give the truck a hard life
    – If you add extras like hard tops you get the resale value benefit when you sell

    Ford Ranger Finance

    Contract Hire

    Ford Ranger Contract Hire Finance is a cheap affordable way to get a truck. Low monthly payments make this an attractive method and its great for those who wont put the truck to any more use than dropping the kids to school or a Tescos run . You can have the finance with or without maintenance but it will always include road tax. The deposit is between 1 and 12 payments upfront.
    – This isn’t from people who will give the Ranger a hard life as you will get a bill
    – You are locked into the contract and its expensive to get out early
    – Its not for high mileage drivers
    – Any accessories can rocket the price

    Ford Ranger Finance

    Finance Lease

    Ford Ranger Finance Lease. Finance lease is one of the most popular methods as it can offer cheap payments with flexibility. The vans are generally preregistered. Deposits can vary from £500 to 50% of the value of the Ford Ranger. The final payment can vary not only with the mileage but with the customer. Customers with weaker credit profiles often receive smaller final payments. If an underwriter thinks a company or person poses a risk of default then they reduce the balloon to ensure there is no loss when the Ranger goes to auction.
    – Flexible – up to 7 years with a final payment its very cheap
    – You can sell any time you want
    – No mileage penalties however if you are doing a lot of miles go for a realistic final payment

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