Collect From Swiss HQ

Get the New Van Feeling By Collecting


Collect From Swiss HQ

Nothing beats putting a face to a name and we would love you to collect from Swiss HQ.
If you have had work done at Swiss HQ it will save you the cost of a secondary delivery too.
When we actually deliver a van its driven on the road which has insects, mud, salt, dust etc etc.
Your shiny van can never be clean on the outside when it arrives.

If you want to see your van at its best then collect from Swiss HQ. This is especially true of you have had a ceramic coat done and we refuse to deliver these as want you to see it at its best.
Best isn’t 300 miles later.
Combine it with a night out in Cardiff. We are about a 20 minute train ride from our capital city.
Jump on the train and have a great day and night out.

The address is 
7 David Street
CF31 3PH
Monday – Friday 830 – 5 PM Collections
Saturday collections on request.
We have ample parking and easy to find being in the main motor dealer road in Bridgend.

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