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  • Ford transit Connect Petrol

    Ford Transit Connect Petrol Van

    New Petrol Transit Connect- Base Trend Limited


  • Ford Transit Courier Sport £157.00

    Ford Transit Courier Sport Petrol

    Petrol is Special Order Only Allow At Least 12 Weeks It is Never Stocked


  • Buy  petrol vans for many reasons. Firstly a petrol van is cheaper to run on shorter journeys especially  stop start driving. Petrol van engines  also can be smaller in order to develop the same power. More and more manufactures  are turning to petrol engines, and the biggest reason is how hard it is to get the emissions low enough on a diesel. As diesel engines are forced cleaner and cleaner the more they go wrong. Add substances such as Adblue which is one of the most toxic substances you can come into contact with and you can see why.
    Common petrol vans
    VW Caddy Petrol Van
    Ford Courier Petrol
    Ford Transit Petrol
    VW T6 Tsi Petrol- Monster

    VW T6 Tsi Petrol Van
    This is a 200 BHP golf engine and it doesnt take too much persuasion to remap to 300 BHP. Thats a lot of dash for not much cash. If your mad enough a bit more work will easily see 400 BHP. This is another reason to go petrol.