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  • Hell 4 Leather

    Hell 4 Leather

    We use Hell 4 Leather the UK's finest Van Leather


  • VW Transporter T6 Gallery

    Random T6 Pictures for your amusement


  • VW Transporter alloy wheels Supermetal Bullet Anodised

    VW Transporter T6 Alloy Wheels

    VW Transporter T6 Alloy Wheels For Sale From £150 each


  • vw transporter startline t26 £179.00

    VW Transporter Startline

    Transporter Van T26 SWB 2.0TDI EURO 6 84 Startline BlueMotion Technology


  • volkswagen transporter highline £299.00

    Volkswagen Transporter Highline 150BHP Panel Van

    Transporter Van T28 SWB 2.0TDI EURO 6 150BHP Highline BlueMotion Technology


  • VolksWagen Transporter highline lwb £299.00

    Volkswagen Transporter Highline LWB

    Transporter Panel Van T30 LWB 2.0TDI EURO 6 150 Highline BlueMotion Technology


  • Ford Transit Custom Accessories £299.00

    VW Transporter Accessories

    VW Transporter Accessories Whether its a work van or custom van we have it covered at Swiss HQ


  • VolksWagen Transporter highline lwb £303.00

    VW Transporter TSI Panel Van 150ps

    NEW VW T6 Petrol TSI Panel Van- Manual DSG SWB LWB 150 200


  • VolksWagen Transporter highline lwb £305.00

    VW Transporter 4MOTION

    Transporter Panel Van T32 SWB 2.0TDI EURO 6 150 Highline BlueMotion Technology 4Motion


  • Volkswagen Transporter WASP 150 £345.00

    Volkswagen Transporter WASP 150BHP Panel Van

    Transporter Panel Van T28 SWB 2.0 TDI 150BHP with WASP BlueMotion Technology


  • VW Transporter WASP 204 £359.00

    Volkswagen Transporter WASP 204

    Transporter Van with WASP - Exclusive to Swiss


  • t6 panel dsg 1 £387.00

    Volkswagen Transporter Highline 204BHP DSG Panel Van

    Transporter Van T30 SWB 2.0TDI EURO 6 204 DSG Highline


  • VW Transporter Edition £409.00

    VW Transporter Edition

    The Highly Anticipated VW Transporter Kombi Edition. The Cheaper Alternative To VW Sportline.


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    VW Transporter Vans

    Swiss has more VW Transporter  vans in stock in high specification than anyone else out there, possibly all of them put together.

    VW Transporter Models Stocked – All Year Round 365 Days A Year

    VW Transporter Kombi Vans – 150 & 204 Manual and DSG in SWB, LWB, 4motion, Petrol Tsi. Black, Grey, Yellow, Silver etc . These are always base models in the Dealer Network if thats what your after.
    Volkswagne T6  Vans – 150 % 204 Same again in specs and colours.
    – Factory Orders – We are happy to do factor orders but in fairness we have so much stock its rare to do so as long as you can compromise on a few items.
    Custom VW Transporter – Check out some of our custom vans.
    Anything from carpeting, soundproofing, lowering
    PX Your Old VW Transporter T5 & T6- Top Prices paid. We settle your existing finance

    VW Transporter Finance & Buying a Volkswagen T6
    Volkswagen T6 Cash Deals  – Ring for preregistrations
    Finance Lease – With  backend bonus to driver down the monthly payment, far cheaper than a bank loan
    HP/ Lease Purchase – Ring for pre registrations with and without a balloonup to 6 years to pay but the average is 4
    Contract Hire – Best for basic VW Transporter. If you add £4000 of options on a 3 year deal guess what? It goes up by 4000/36 = £111 a month  an the credit check is the same

    VW Transporter T6 Modifications

    Swiss Vans have a workshop based in Bridgend which means we can offer a range of modifications, upgrades and accessories. Typically, our customers will often upgrade the alloy wheels, lower the suspension, add a spoilers or two, and possibly fit leather.  All of this can be arranged in-house. In fact, many of the accessories are made specifically for us.    Of course, you can always take delivery of a standard van. We offer 7 different  types of front splitter, 6 types of sidebar, three rear spoilers. Our leather is mainly done by “Hell 4 Leather ” our sister company.
    So no matter whether you want to buy with discount, take out a Transporter Lease, opt for contract hire, lease purchase or HP…. Swiss has a method to help you fund your New T6 Panel Van.

    We always have a range of Volkswagen Transporter vans in stock but if you’re looking for something specific we can of course order from the factory.

    Volkswagen VW  Transporter