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    Peugeot vans have a strong history dating back to 1810.

    Known for their state of the art technology, versatility, durability, stylish features, and power, as well as good fuel economy. They are one of the most popular commercial vehicles on the road and are competitive in price when compared to their peers.

    If you’re looking for a commercial vehicle that is built for comfort, and with a good payload, at a good price, then Peugeot could be for you.

    The new Partner van has been revised with a new trim design and some significant technology updates.  Options include a Touchscreen, USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

    The more stylish Expert is impressive and subsequently won small panel van of the year in 2010. It has one of the best load capacities in its class. It features twin sliding doors, durability, and plenty of add-on options such as Bluetooth, steel bulkheads, or air conditioning just to name a few.

    The Boxer is also a popular choice. Featuring a light chassis to provide maximum payloads, various engine options, power, good fuel economy, and plenty of conversion options.

    Swiss Vans has a range of Peugeot vans that are available for purchase. Whether you want to buy or lease a new or used van, we have leasing and financing options available. We will be pleased to help you find a Peugeot van that will meet your every need.