Ford Transit Luton

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  • Ford Transit Luton Lease £285.00

    Ford Transit Luton Lease

    Transit 350 L3 Luton Box Van 2.0TDCi 130 RWD Ring for availability of this and Lutons


  • Transit Luton £295.00

    Ford Transit Luton L4 One-Stop 130

    Ford Transit Luton L4 130 1 Stop


  • Ford Transit Luton Leasing Deals

    The Ford Transit Luton is a versatile van with an excellent payload.  It is a van that you can drive for years, although it does have a good resale value.
    This makes Transit Luton Leasing affordable . The Ford Transit Luton is a Transit chassis with the Luton box added.  You benefit from the reliability and features of the Transit with the flexibility afforded to you with the Luton.  There’s plenty of room for all your equipment, or it’s a popular van for removal companies.
    The Ford Transit Lutons that we have for sale are either stock items, generally 100 or 115 PS , 130, ,or chassis ready for conversion with an average lead time of 4 weeks.  With these vans you get an a choice of engines, front or rear wheel drive and the option of a tail lift.  The Transit Luton comes with roller shutter doors as standard but there’s the option of barn doors.

    Key Features Transit Luton Vans 
    GRP Sides to save on weight
    Luton Payload typically a tonne and a quarter
    Optional Talift that adds about 150 -200KG in weight but can lift up to 500KG
    Phenolic coated wooden  floor  that resists most damage
    Roller shutter doors as standard optional barn doors at extra cost

    Ford Transit Luton Stock
    Try Swiss for great cheap Transit luton van leasing deals.
    We typically stock up to a dozen New Ford Transit Lutons per month
    Which means we can turn them around quickly.

    Ways To Finance 
    – Hire Purchase and lease purchase. Take up to six year stop pay but 4 is the most popular with or without a balloon. Depreciate the whole van immediately against tax. In some cases we can defer the VAT by three months with some finance companies
    – Finance lease. Deposits as low as 1 payment in advance up to a maximum of 40% down over up to 6 years. Balloons are available  but based on your mileage

    Upgrades – But Many Will Slow Delivery If Already Built 
    – Add reversing camera – Satnav Van Wraps
    – Load Lok Poles
    – Additional tie racks
    – Super Guard paint sealant to reduce washing
    – Sign writing