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  • Hell 4 Leather

    Hell 4 Leather

    We use Hell 4 Leather the UK's finest Van Leather


  • Electric Blue

    Swiss Vans Nappa Leather

    The Best Van Leather In the World Hell 4 Leather from £1099 + VAT


  • Leather Baby Seats

    Leather Baby Seat

    Choose a matching Baby or Child Seat to go with your Hell 4 Leather Interior


  • Retrofit Heated Seats

    Retrofit Heated Seats

    Get Hell 4 Leather Heated Seats


  • #1 WASp Hex Leather Fine Nappa

    Custom Auto Leather Patterns

    Choose your custom leather style


  • Custom Leather Door Cards

    Leather Door Cards

    Custom Leather Door Cards at Swiss HQ Only


  • Custom Steering Wheels

    Custom Steering Wheels

    Custom Steering Wheels by Hell 4 Leather


  • Get Leather Car Seat Covers  well van ones anyway  we sell both. Most of the leather we fit is done by Sister Company Hell 4 Leather and is done in fine Nappa Leather in a chair of 36 colours. All leather is ethically sourced.

    Our leather is the best leather in town.

    • The smell . It smells like leather should. Intoxicating , deep, a thousands smells in one. Tobacco, citrus, wood, earth
      Real leather has its own smell
      If it doesn’t smell then its not leather and its more than likely Bi Leather with is actually plastic. We estimate  the majority of completion use Bi Leather. Its not that magic you feel when you sit down each time
    • The feel. Soft leathers treated with care. Inferior cheap leather will show signs of scars, marks blemishes. Some cheaper leathers are over treated as they use cheap leather from Asia that is scarred from insects and wounds. The treatment is so great it won’t feel or smell like leather.
    • The fitting. Real Nappa leather is a joy to work with. Vinyl, plastic, Bi Leather and over treated leather are not. Fine Nappa has a certain amount of stretch  so we can fit it “tight”. This is what makes some leathers better than other when you sit on them.
      Many leather fitters use pliers to secure the leather
      We use a compressor, and again this gives it the “tight” feel and better wear resistance.