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  • Ford Transit Tipper £222.00

    Ford Transit Dropside

    Call us now for a quote on the Ford Transit Dropside


  • Citroen Relay Dropside £229.00

    Citroen Relay Dropside

    2019 Citroen Dropside Lease Deals From £229 Month


  • Renault Master Dropside £255.00

    Renault Master Dropside

    Master Dropsides Always In Stock


  • Volkswagen Crafter Tipper £279.00

    VW Crafter Tipper

    2019 VW Crafter Tipper From £249 Month


  • VW Crafter Dropside £299.00

    VW Crafter Dropside

    New 2019 VW Crafter Dropside & Double Cab Dropside


  • Dropside vans

    A dropside van is a purpose-built vehicle that specialises in heavy duty work. For loads that are larger and more awkward than usual, a dropside van will has the strength and durability to handle these. Difficult cargo is much easier to handle with the spacious load area and hinged sides making loading simple. With Swiss Vans, we have a range of dropside vans available.

    There are a range of commercial vehicle manufacturers who produce their own dropside vans which we have in stock with Swiss Vans. These are usually based on the chassis of their large vans. If you need to carry a crew around, some manufacturers have a crew cab option which can allow for seating for up to 7 passengers.

    Depending on what you need from your dropside, there is the possibility to choose different length wheelbases. For those who need bigger or longer load areas, you can opt for get a longer chassis.

    Although, the dropsides are work-focused vehicles, you can feel comfortable in the cab which can be kitted out with modern features depending on which manufacturer you choose.

    What dropside vans do we do?

    Almost every manufacturer with a large van will also be able to provide a dropside using the same chassis.

    Ford Transit

    A famous name when it comes to the van world, you can guarantee to get a reliable vehicle with the Transit dropside. Available as both a single and double cab so you can carry passengers, too.

    Citroen Relay

    This comes in a variety of lengths and is one of the more affordable dropsides. You can also carry passengers with the double cab.

    Renault Master

    The Renault Master is a dropside which comes with a lot of modern technology built in to the cabin.

    How to get in a dropside van?

    With Swiss Vans, we offer different alternatives to get yourself the van you need to ensure your business operates smoothly. You can buy the vehicle outright or pay monthly with one of our lease deals.

    Our payment options include:

    – Buying outright
    – Hire purchase
    – Lease purchase
    – Finance lease
    – Contract hire

    Get in touch with our sales team who will be more than happy to discuss your options with you and get you a quote on the dropside van which is right for you.