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When manufacturers give support its normally on lease or contract hire, however occasionally we are able to pre register a van.
These are also named nearly new vans.

Pre registered vans are often the cheapest of all and sold as part of a campaign or a pack deal. The vehicles are often registered only when sold thus will only have delivery mileage. The vehicle has to be registered and its quite usual to be to a hire company, a lease company or a third party, whomever is the company who arranged the original deal

Pre registered vans

Pre registered

  • V5 Logbook is often retained for up to 12 months
  • You save thousands on a HP Lease purchase or cash deal. They are often the cheapest deals of all
  • You CANNOT have the V5 but you can have a copy which makes it unsuitable for private number plates or anything where you need the V5
  • Some customers will refused sale of pre registered vans where we think they will be unhappy with logbook retention. or cause the terms holder an issue. e.g boasting to local dealership eg2 complaining two weeks after to a third party that they have no V5 despite being informed of this prior.
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