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Petrol Van Leasing

In a diesel-driven sector, petrol-powered engines are becoming more common in small vans. Swiss Vans have petrol vans for sale and for lease at affordable prices.

  • A range of new petrol vans to choose from
  • Build your brand new petrol van to suit your needs.
  • Affordable petrol van leasing deals or buy outright.
  • Hundreds of 5 star reviews
  • Upgrade the look of your van or add extras at our workshop

Petrol vs Diesel

Diesel engines have been ever-present in the world of vans due to being more powerful for heavy loads and towing. With some van drivers doing high mileage, diesels perform better. But, these days, not all van drivers are the same.

For the more urban drivers who are based in cities and don’t rack up the miles to benefit from diesel, there is now the much improved petrol engines as an option. Delivery drivers and sole tradespeople in built up areas can benefit from one of our brand new petrol vans which are getting closer to the power and strength of diesel engines.

However, the capabilities of petrol don’t provide the torque or payload numbers of a diesel engine which is why you can’t get medium or large petrol vans. But, they are good enough so that you can reap the rewards if you’re a small van driver. Most manufacturers now include a petrol engine in their small van. Volkswagen did offer the Transporter with a petrol engine but it never took off so it was pulled from production

Having a petrol could also help save money for you and your business. The price of petrol is lower than diesel and buying vans with petrol engines are cheaper, too. Taxing a new diesel van tends to be more expensive than taxing a petrol. In London, the T-Charge and the Ultra Low Emission Zone means that driving a diesel in the capital city could prove more costly. Even cities such as Birmingham and Southampton are considering implementing clean zones.

Petrol van options:

  • Manufacturer
  • Size and length
  • Extras

Manufacturers of Petrol vans

Most van manufacturers offer petrol options with their small vans for businesses and tradespeople who do low mileage or operate in built up areas. But, as previously stated, diesel has dominated the van industry due to its greater torque and payload so large petrol vans aren’t feasible enough to be produced as of yet.

Manufacturers of petrol vans include:

  • Mercedes (Citan)
  • Ford (Transit Courier and Connect)
  • Volkswagen (Caddy)
  • Citroen (Berlingo)
  • Others

Petrol van leasing with Swiss

Petrol vans are more affordable than diesel but with a lease deal you can spread the cost out further. The price of your van can be spread out into monthly payments across 3-5 years with a finance lease deal. Or, if you have the whole sum of money at hand, you can purchase the vehicle outright. We have other methods which may be better for your personal needs.

Our payment options include:

  • Finance lease
  • Lease purchase
  • Buying outright
  • Hire purchase

Talk to us today to find out if you can get a petrol van in the vehicle you want. Then, we can talk you through finance and any other options you have.

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