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New Vans for sale and Pre Registered Vans.


Swiss Vans sell all makes and all models of new vans and preregistered new vans. The first question we usually get asked is how much cheaper  are we actually than your local dealer. Well that depends. We achieve  our discounts in several ways and here are a few examples

Pre registation.
Some new vans are pre registered once you have bought and paid for it by whatever means. Occasionally its done on the bulk selling principle where we have agreed a pack deal with a manufacturer. Thus the van is pre registered to us or part of our fleet. In such cases you may well not get the V5 for a period of weeks or even months as its part of a bulk deal. Don worry you will still get your parking and speeding fines.
Pre registration is often the highest discount and can be cash, HP, Lease purchase but rarely contract hire.

Back End Support.
Some manufacturers especially ones that hold their value or are German give new van support in the form of a payment. Usually its only for lease and contract hire deals as this way preserves the resale value. The back end support van make the van much cheaper and often why a lease is so cheap. When you show an upfront discount this tends to hit the 12 month to 24 month quite hard in terms of residual values. People accept that these discounts are the norm so the original sticker price is irrelevant.

Tactical Support
Van manufacturers often have targets and if a particular model is selling slowly then they will give additional or campaign bonus to help. An example might be say a VW Caddy that hasn’t sold nationally to the right volume that was ordered and predicted maybe a 12 months before. The the manufacturer will assign extra support to encourage sales of this product.This is usually done as an upfront discount since the residual value doesn’t need to be considered as its more than likely to be a batch of no more than 500 vans

Special Editions.
Some companies like Vauxhall always seem have a special edition out, more so in cars than vans. This is basically the same as tactical support but rather than discount the vehicle as volumes are too high a special edition is made. Typically it might have alloy wheels or special stickers. Second hand values will be the same as the original model it was based on .

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