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Ford Transit Custom Auto


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Ford Transit Custom Auto

You won’t find us with a forecourt, nor any signs, like your local dealer down the road. We are a ‘Super Broker.” The vans are kept at airfields and delivered right to your front door unless you choose to come to us to collect, may be you wanted mods like leather or performance upgrades on your new Ford Transit Custom Auto

We work from a  call centre with a database of several thousand new vans, cheap funders and an army of delivery drivers. Main dealers don’t seem to like us very much – do you blame them?!

We have a rolling stock of around 3,000 vans on our stock lists, and a dedicated team of people to fit extras like tow bars or carpet lining.

Ford Transit Custom Auto – Panel Van / Double Cab




So what is it you are dreaming of in your search for a New Ford Transit Custom Auto?
For 90% of customers who search online for a “Ford Transit Custom Auto” the second search will be “Ford Transit Finance Deals.”  Everyone is searching for the best deal.

What Do You Actually Want From A Ford Dealer? 

Choice? We have 3000 on our stock list all new/ pre registered.  L1, L2s, Low Roof High Roofs, DCIV, Sports, Sport WASPS, 100 automatics?
Cheap Finance? We have  rates from as low as 2% percent (this is why customers choose to come back to upgrade to a new Van in two/three years)
Discounts– No negotiations – its calculated automatically
Free delivery– Delivered to you at work or home for no extra charge within mainland UK – Maybe a biscuit and a cup of tea?
Simple Paperwork – X Marks the spot – If you have a mobile phone and a finger you can sign for your deal on screen.
Mods– We have been modifying the Custom for two years now

So why choose Swiss over a main dealer?
When we looked for stock ourselves we also found it hard a few years back.
Many places tend to under order and can over promise. Thankfully, it’s much easier now to buy a New Ford Transit Custom Auto,  as we have everything in place ready to deliver.

Proof we are cheap
£2500 down, 48 x £189 Month,  Plus Final Payment – Standard New Ford Transit Limited.   An automatic will cost around £10 per month extra.

Finance Lease – Perfect for VAT registered and Non-VAT Registered

Place a deposit (typically 10%) For example £2500 plus VAT.
Deposits start from about £500 if you have short arms and long pockets 🙂
Payments over 3, 4, or 5 years with a final payment that you never have to find.
The final payment keeps the new van at roughly the same monthly payment as the used van. In 2- 4 years time PX the van with us and start again.

Lease Purchase and HP
If you are Flat Rate VAT then this is a better method.  It’s the same as above with a final payment. In both cases, if you were, for example, a subcontractor for the USS Enterprise, doing a million light miles a year – tell us! We will reduce the final payment by putting up payments.

Contract Hire

We can do this too.  Most common for large companies with big fleets.

We have your New Ford Transit Custom For Sale 
Just ring us, fill in the form,  or do both,  for more attention!
Normally within 14 days,  you will have a new van from Swiss

– Crew Cabs.  So many VAT registered companies seem to buy Crew Cabs that you can’t claim VAT back on. Speak to us let us check it no matter where you are buying.
– Large fleets- Let us tender for large fleets
– Mods- Swiss sell anything from basic Ford to Performance upgrades
For example, a bit of tweaking and a 105 BHP Ford will push out 200
Just Ask.



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