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New VW T6 Sportline

14046151_1171414232928818_5586205700574387975_n-1 14046151_1171414232928818_5586205700574387975_n 14054075_1171414179595490_5781875779932008473_n 14055186_1171414252928816_4280584677038187673_n 14064313_1171414486262126_4081330749409545308_n 14068156_1171414459595462_410605218314375147_n 14095780_1171414236262151_4002518997839592473_n 14100393_1171414446262130_5129198537780069611_nNew VW T6 Sportline Question:
Is this or isn’t this the New VW T6 Sportine in the UK ?
We have a few image but none of these seem to have the wow factor  of the previous models. The biggest questions being is there a VW T6 Sportline front splitter and what engine doe sit have?

New VW T6 Sportline


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