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VW Multivan Alltrack

Seen the new VW Multivan AllTrack?       WE LOVE IT!



Volkswagen steal the show yet again! announcing the VW Multivan AllTrack at this years “Auto evolution” event!

With classic characteristics of the previous VW’s, the VW Multivan AllTrack sure has its head held high with confidence and its easy to see why!


vw multivan


With clear similarities of the older models, the new VW multivan shares the same great looks from a Transporter as you would expect but also with some new subtle differences that really make it unique!


vw multivan



The most noticeable differences are shown on the side panels, with a casual grey matte finish that surrounds the whole vehicle. I think its the first time a manufacturer that has pulled off non colour coded bumpers with style!


vw multivan


The interior in the new vw multivan is what you would expect,  classic Volkswagen.

With its high quality materials, great layout of instuments and strong robust surfaces its easy to see why people would take to this vw multivan.


vw-multivan-3 copy


The exterior really shows off what Volkswagen can do to a van. Making minimal but effective changes to the styling this vw multitrack passes the appeal test with flying colours.

Volkswagen are known to bring class and great looks to there vans which would be very hard to achieve for competing manufactures, but again the vw multivan will turn heads and steal the show once released.


vw multivan



So what are we left with? well its easy .. Great looks, Reliability, unique technology, and of course the WOW factor!

If you take time to view these images, its easy to leave yourself admiring and wanting the new vw multivan.

With rumours of the vw multivan being launched early summer 2015, we could expect to see these on our roads as of summer next year.


Photo credits to the guys over at Auto evolution


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