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VW Transporter T6.1

VW Transporter T6.1

Finance Lease From £249 Month

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The VW Transporter T6.1 is available to factory order from the 13th September 2019. Since prices are yet to be revealed most ordered will be simply for our own stock as speculative orders.
The delivery times are likely to be early January for most models with things like larger engines, 4Motion and DSG taking longer which is completely normal.

The VW Transporter T6.1 is an update oppose to a completely new vehicle which is in keeping with VW Traditions of not making hugely radical sweeping changes. Thus there is very little difference between a T6 and a T6.1. This will preserve future residual values on vehicles.

VW Transporter T6.1 For Sale

The biggest change to the VW Transporter T6.1 is the striking alteration of the front grille and the front bumper. Such changes are likely to render front modifications such as splitters useless.
Most of the upgrades are paid costs however and technology based items.
Most of these items have been added due to Mercedes Benz recent focus on technology in the dash.

Available to order Many At Cost
– New 10.2 Inch Colour Digital Cockpit
– New 8 and 9 inch Entertainment system / Satnav
– ESim at cost. Like any sim its likely to involve a monthly cost
– Internet radio. This is quite a cool feature that was widely promoted by Pioneer about 6 years back but its hardly spoken about now since DAB radio and Spotify

Van Leasing

Why Would You Rally A Berlingo?

Some pictures of Citroen Vans 2019 . Why oh why would you rally a Citroen Berlingo ?

Citroen Vans

5 ways to keep your van cool through the summer

It has been one hot July with temperatures reaching up to 38C in some parts of the UK. With another month of summer, it is more than likely that we could continue to sizzle. But, while the temperature soars, businesses and tradespeople will continue to use their vehicles which are essential for their work. This begs the question; how can you keep your van cool through this heatwave?

Think about where you park

It’s easier said than done but if you have a garage, then now would be the best time to make use of it. Keeping your van inside can allow you to get into a cool vehicle.

Maybe not as straightforward with a bigger van, like a
Ford Transit Custom. But if you have a VW Caddy or a Citroen Berlingo, we’d suggest making good use of a garage.

Not everyone will have the luxury of a garage when you’re out and about on jobs all day. But, if you can find a shaded area to park your van, then do so because it will make a massive difference to when you get in.

Use a sun reflector to keep your van cool

One of the oldest tricks in the book; invest in a sun reflector for your windshield to keep your van cool on those hot summer days. Those unrelenting sun rays get inside your van through the windshield but they can’t escape.

This effectively turns your van into a mobile greenhouse with the temperature able to rise in a matter of minutes. A reflector can stop those rays getting in

Cover those leather seats

Don’t leave these exposed (especially without a sun protector). Your leather will absorb the rays and heat up to a temperature which makes your seats a little uncomfortable to sit on. Not only will your van be more unbearable, but the high temperature can damage the condition of the leather.

Keep some spare blankets in the back to throw over the seats when you’re leaving your van in an area exposed to sunlight. This can keep your seats at a comfortable temperature and help prevent them drying out.

Crack your windows a little

If you’re not leaving your van for a long period of time, you could keep the windows open just a touch. This will encourage a bit of air circulation and help to keep your van a little cooler

Obviously, make sure there’s no way anyone can squeeze their arm through the window. And, we’d probably advise you put up with a warm van and keep the windows closed if you’re in an area with a reputation of petty crime

Improvise up a paddling pool

Okay, this won’t keep your vehicle cool while you drive it, but this can keep you cool while you’re working on site. If you have a vehicle with a load bed – like a pick-up truck or a dropside – you can turn it into a paddling pool.

Just line the load area with some tarpaulin, secure it up with a couple of cable ties and fill it with water. A few minutes of filling and you got yourself a mobile paddling pool to cool off in.

We tried this ourselves with our VW Amarok. Take a look at how it went here.

Swiss Vans’ Business Of The Month

At Swiss Vans, we have some great customers and they drive some pretty amazing vans. There’s nothing that we love more than seeing our customers show off their vans – whether that’s on the coast, in the countryside or on the job.

We want to try and help our customers out a bit with a £250 advertising boost for your business up for grabs.

Over the next few months, we will be choosing a Business of the Month. Just send your salesperson the best pictures of your van you’ve bought from us and a link to the Facebook page of your business.

  • You must have purchased your van with us within the last 12 months.
  • Leave us a review to tell us how happy you are with your van
  • The business will receive £250 in the form of boosted posts that should drive a flood of business back to them as a thank you for being Business Of The Month

Get access to Premium Features for FREE for a year!

What are we looking for

  1. A great image of your van with YOU or someone who works for you in front of the van
  2. The date of when you left a review
  3. A story behind your business and why you choose Swiss Vans
  4. In return the Business selected will get a great advertising boost

Ford Transit Connect Range 2019 Update

The Ford Transit Connect Range has grown. Announced back in September 2018, Ford revealed that they would be adding a Sport edition to their Ford Transit Connect range. This is in addition to the facelift that we already knew was coming.

What is included in the Sport?

Consistent with the other sport editions in Ford’s commercial vehicle fleet, the Transit Connect adopts the same exterior styling which includes the twin stripe and alloy wheels. The colour options are the same colour – matt black with either a silver or orange accent.

On top of the Limited specification, added to the Sport is a Dual-Zone Temperature Control air-conditioning and a partial leather trim.

It’s a little smaller than the Transit Custom but still has a sizable load area for a small van. Sometimes you may forget your driving a van with how well it performs. If you’re set on a Sport, you will have to settle for the 1.5 Ford EcoBlue diesel engine at 120PS as the only engine option.

For those who want a drive free of changing gear, go for an Ford Transit Connect Automatic or Powershift as its named.

When is the Sport available?

To be quite honest, the answer is we’re not actually sure. It was announced that the Ford Transit Connect would be getting a Sport spec back at the  IAA Commercial Vehicles show in September 2018.

What is interesting is that Ford display images of the Sport version on their Transit Connect page and feature the specification in their brochure. This is despite it not being available to purchase or lease yet.

But, at Swiss Vans , we can give the Ford Transit Connect our own sports look with our own WASP upgrade. Unfortunately, you can’t get the unique stripes but we are much more affordable.

On top of the Limited specification, we build our WASP which includes alloy wheels, front splitter and rear spoiler.

Ford Transit Custom Sport For Sale
Mercedes Vito Sport Lease
Ford Transit Custom Sport Lease


Pioneer have launched a great new unit that reduces glare and fits in with the trend of over sized screens. Most manufacturer units these days don’t have Satnav as standard as so many people have smartphones which actually work even better via Google Maps or Apple Maps

Mercedes Vito SPort

New Mercedes Vito is the perfect van for this

Ford Transit Custom

Perfect for any Ford Van the unit can be split to glovebox & Facia

VW Transporter T6

Great addition to any VW Transporter Highline you have bought

Any Van

We offer mobile fitting across Midlands to South Wales and Bristol

New Pioneer SPH EVODAB

The unit is £699 + VAT fitted to most of our vehicles. It makes perfect sense for the Mercedes Vito Sport and is equally at home in a VW Transporter Kombi Van.
Add a reversing camera for good measure say another £199 when we are fitting a head unit.
The unit can be split into two meaning it can be mounted in some “odd vehicles” by placing the “guts” and head unit apart

Thanks to its modular structure, the 8-inch SPH-EVO82DAB-UNI can be fitted to cars where this was previously impossible. The new receiver feature DAB+ Digital Radio, both Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay®, as well as entertainment features such as Spotify®, Bluetooth® streaming, WebLink®, FLAC file playback and more. Its a great unit for the Citroen Relay Luton Van

The New Ford Transit Custom Double Cab generally has Sync 3 and Carply anyway so you might not need this product, The Mercedes Vito Lease is so cheap on the other hand you are mad not to go for this product.

3 of the best vans for plumbers

One of the most important business decisions a plumber will have to make is which van they will choose to drive. We take a look at vans for plumbers to see which are best for their trade.

A plumber’s job isn’t always in the same place so it’s vital you can get yourself and your key equipment to and from work sites or customer’s homes. To do this, you will want a vehicle that is reliable and has enough space for long pipes. But, you want to do this without breaking the bank.

What we are looking for when looking at vans for plumbers?

  • Size – The van for a plumber needs to be able to transport all the tools and equipment which can often include long pipes.
  • Efficiency – Plumbers don’t want to be racking up hefty fuel bills for all their travel so we are looking for a van which has great fuel economy.
  • Affordability – Value for money is very important in any business so investing in a van will also be important to plumbers. The van needs to be affordable and hopefully hold onto its value when it comes to selling it on.

With all these things in mind, we have identified 3 medium panel vans that could make a plumber’s work life easier.

Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom is one of the best vans for plumbers. WASP edition from Swiss Vans is pictured.

Every time you venture out on the roads of the UK, you are almost definitely going to come across a Ford Transit Custom. This is because it is the best-selling van in the country. It is the dream for tradespeople being both practical, affordable and cheap to run.

With the load-through bulkhead, you can fit pipes as long as three metres in the load area – even with the short wheelbase. It is efficient to run, too, with a combined cycle of up to 46mpg so you shouldn’t have to fork out too much on your fuel bill.

Unlike more of the premium vans, you don’t need to pay a wedge to get it while you still get the reliability associated with the Ford Transit name.

Read more about the Transit Custom here.

Mercedes Vito

Mercedes Benz Vito Sport lease
Show you mean business with the Mercedes Vito. Smaller but still one of the best vans for plumbers.

For a bit of prestige about your business for a little bit extra, the Mercedes Vito is one of the best vans for plumbers. The three-pointed star will provide you with a professional image.

But, most importantly, the Vito can provide plenty of space for long pipes with the extra long wheelbase allowing a load length of 2,908mm.

One of the most economical panel vans around, there is a fuel economy of up to 49.6mpg with the Vito that makes it the most affordable to run. If you do a lot of driving in your plumbing work, paying the extra for the Mercedes Vito could be worth it.

Find out more about the Mercedes Vito here.  

VW Transporter

Affordable Delivery
Used as a leisure vehicle more so than other vans; the Transporter panel van can also be one of the best vans for plumbers

Arguably the most sought-after van in the market due to its cult status, the VW Transporter can be a valuable asset to your plumbing business. You will have to dig deeper in your pockets for this one though but their popularity means they do hold their value better than their competitors.

Another reliable van with the best German engineering, the T6 model benefits from BlueMotion technology which allows for a return of 47.9mpg. There is plenty of room for tools and pipes with the long wheelbase being just shy of 3m.

The VW Transporter is also easy to rack compared to the others so if you’re prepared to pay the price, this could be an ideal van for your plumbing business.

If you spread the price out into the monthly payments of a lease deal for this premium van, the Transporter can actually be more affordable than you think.

For more information on the VW Transporter, click here.

Vans for plumbers: How to get one?

You need to make a living through your plumbing and you need a van in order to do this. It may not seem easy when you don’t have the whack of money needed to get your van.

But, through finance lease or hire purchase, you can get the van you need to operate without having the whole sum for the vehicle. Through these payment options, you can spread the cost out into affordable monthly payments.

So, you get the van you need to make your plumbing job simple. And, you know exactly what is leaving your bank account every month.

Get your questions answered on finance lease here.

dashboard lights

Dashboard lights and what they mean?

A vehicle is unable to tell you if it’s feeling a little worse for wear or if it’s in need of some TLC. This is why it uses the dashboard lights to communicate with you. But, with so many flashing symbols, we don’t always know what they are trying to tell us.

These days, brand new vans are fitted with sensors and electronic devices which keep track of the behaviour of your vehicle and how it is driving. When something is wrong, one of the dashboard lights may flash up indicating that something isn’t quite right.

Some of the most common dashboard lights that you may see and what they mean are listed below. Not all lights are universal so be sure to check your vehicle owner’s manual.

Engine Control Unit (ECU) light

ecu light

When this light illuminates, it potentially means there is a problem with the engine. It may be absolutely nothing but you should still get your van checked ASAP. If you ignore it and it turns out to be a big problem, then you could cause some serious damage.

This may also accompany one of the other dashboard lights which could give you a better understanding into what the exact problem is.

Brake System light

brake system light

More often than not, you’ll see this light when you the handbrake is in use or if it hasn’t been disengaged fully. But, if this isn’t the problem, it usually means it’s something more significant, so stop driving your vehicle immediately.

It could mean you don’t have enough brake fluid, a brake pad is worn or could be a major problem within the system. Your brakes are essential for safety so get a diagnosis before getting behind the wheel again.

Engine Temperature light

engine temperature light

If you see this, stop driving and turn off your van – it means your engine is overheating. You could be left at the side of the road with a steaming hood and irreparable damage to the engine.

The problem could be as simple as the coolant level being too low. Or, it could be something much bigger like a leaking radiator or a blown head gasket.

Oil Pressure light

oil pressure light

Oil circulates through the engine of your van to ensure it runs smoothly. Without sufficient levels of oil, your engine could endure very expensive damage.

Stop driving and check the oil levels. If these seem fine, then the problem may be bigger so contact a professional.

Airbag fault light

airbag fault

Either you’ve switched the airbag off or there is a fault in the system. It might mean that should you have a bad crash with the airbag deploying. This will leave you less protected and more exposed to severe injury.

On the other hand, it could suddenly go off when you’re least expecting it. It’s worth getting this sorted as soon as you can.

Tyre pressure light

tyre pressure light

Should your tyres lose significant pressure, this warning light may display. This could indicate that you’ve suffered a puncture and your tyre needs replacing. Or, it could just mean you need to top up the tyre pressure at a petrol station.

Loss of tyre pressure can affect driving, braking and could even cause a blow-out.

Battery charge light

battery charge

This is arguably one of the most self-explanatory dashboard lights. If this is permanently lit up, this suggests there is a problem with the battery. Who knew?

The battery should be getting charged by the alternator while you are driving your vehicle. It may just mean your battery needs replacing but the worst case scenario is that the alternator or drive belt is broken.

This will need fixing otherwise your van will become powerless.

Traction control light

traction control light

Drivers who are throwing their van round corners as if they are Colin McRae may regularly see this light flash when their vehicle loses grip. Tamer drivers may also see it on slippery road conditions.

If it’s permanently illuminated, you either have traction control turned off or there is a fault in the system which needs checking.

Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) lights

dpf light

Both of these dashboard lights are different but both represent the same thing. Whichever one you have been greeted with, depends on what vehicle you’re driving.

diesel particle filter light

With commercial vehicles favouring diesel for its power and torque, these lights are common in vans. The DPF filters away the harmful and dirty gases to reduce emissions.

If this light is shown, it could mean your DPF is blocked and your emitting a cloud of black smoke from the exhaust. Take a look at the DPF to ensure its not blocked or needs replacing.

You can get some petrol vans too which are lower to tax and cheaper to fuel but the range is limited.

Glow plug light

glow plug light

Another light which will only be seen on vehicles with diesel engines. This represents the glow plugs. These help to get your engine running by heating up. If this light is on, your engine may not be running as smoothly or may conk out.

Don’t start your engine if the light is lit up. If it is flashing, get your engine checked professionally.

These are some of the most common dashboard lights you may encounter while driving your van. But, for a more comprehensive guide, refer to your owner’s manual. Should you be unsure about anything, speak to a professional.
New Mercedes For Sale

New Citroen Relay Vans For Sale

Check out Ashleys Latest Reviews

van security

Van security: 5 tips on how to avoid theft and protect your business

Vans are an essential tool for businesses and tradespeople. You’ll invest a lot of money into getting the van that you need and you rely on its use in order to make a living. This is why it’s important to ensure you have the best van security possible.

Making sure your van is secure goes without saying but even more so because they are prime targets for criminals. Cunning thieves across the UK have found ways to break into vans, stealing thousands of pounds worth of tools while causing an expensive amount of damage.

At Swiss Vans, we’ve got the best tips to ensure your van is protected should it be targeted.

3 of the best vans for plumbers

1. Don’t leave tools in your van

Seems like common sense but the main reason why vans are pinpointed by thieves is because there’s usually a treasure chest of tools sitting in the back. When leaving your van unattended overnight, it’s a sitting duck so best to be safe and store your valuable equipment in a secure location away from the vehicle.

It may feel like extra work at the end of a hard day of graft but it is better than losing your essentials and having to fork out a whack of money to replace them. Nothing to steal, nothing can be stolen.

2. Buy the most secure van

It is always tempting to go for the coolest van which is easy on the eye and is kitted out with all the latest gizmos. But, you may be compromising on security. Brand new vans will offer good security features compared to older vans. Make sure security is your number one priority when choosing your van. Look at the spec and ensure you have an alarm and immobiliser.

Take a look at some of the brand new vans we offer.

3. Invest in security

Buying the most secure van can help deter thieves and prevent break-in but you can never be too safe. That’s why we think it’s important to include additional security features that may not come as standard.

You’re not always going to be able to remove the tools from your van when you’re on the road or working elsewhere. Don’t just opt for any old tool box but dig a little deeper in your pocket and invest in a lockable tool vault.

For further protection or to avoid a ‘peal and steel’ break-in, an extra deadlock could be installed at the top of your side door. Or, consider a slamlock which will prove a challenge to even the most experienced of thieves.  

Check out the van security we can offer.

4. Park your van in a safe place

It goes without saying if you can park your car in an alarmed garage but this isn’t always possible with such a large vehicle. Security cameras should be installed to keep an eye on your van if you leave it outside your house overnight.

When you’re on the job, it’s best to leave your van somewhere you can keep an eye on it. If not, your next best option is a well lit-up, public area.

5. Get the best insurance

It’s best to be prepared for the worst if it does happen. You want to make sure your tools are replaced and your van is repaired as quickly as possible following a break-in. This is why it is wise to be covered with sufficient insurance.

Van insurance may cover the damage to the van but you may want to make sure the goods inside are covered if they are lost. So, check with your insurer – your livelihood is at stake.

Some of these tips may seem obvious but with van thefts occurring every 23 minutes across the UK, it is best to keep van security on your mind. To avoid losing thousands of pounds worth of tools and the ability to do your job, keep these criminals at bay with these tips.
Finance Lease On Used Vans

LDV Finance

LDV Finance. Swiss offer finance on all New LDV vans.
Choose from Hire Purchase, Lease Purchase or Contract Hire

Bridgend Ford
Transit Connect Finance
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Ford Transit Connect Lease
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Ford Transit Custom Sport Lease

ford transit custom nugget

Ford’s campervan unveiled – the Transit Custom Nugget

When you thought the Transit Custom couldn’t get any more versatile, they introduce their camper version of the UK’s best-selling van – the Ford Transit Custom Nugget.

Ford have teamed up with camper specialists, Westfalia, to launch their own motorhome conversion to add to their Transit Custom range. For years, tradespeople and couriers have reaped the rewards of the Transit Custom. But now, the Nugget can fulfil the desire of those adventurers who want a relaxing home from home.

What options are there with the Ford Transit Custom Nugget?

As with any Transit Custom vehicle, there is flexibility for the customer to ensure they can get the most out of their vehicle. There are two options; the Nugget and the Nugget Plus.

Both benefit from the fuel-efficient 2.0 litre Ford EcoBlue diesel engine while they have the Ford SYNC 3 entertainment system.

The Nugget

Sleeping up to four people, you can escape to wherever the road takes you with the partner and kids. The Nugget comes with a kitchenette, equipped with a sink, gas hob and refrigerator. There’s a bed in the roof which can either be a pop-up or a fixed option.

Nugget Plus

The Plus is a long wheelbase option offering an additional 36.7cm in length. This provides some extra space and stowage which allows for a built-in toilet and an extra hand basin. The high roof comes as standard with this option.

ford transit custom nugget ford transit custom nugget    ford transit custom nugget



When is it available?

It’s already established itself in Germany – due to the popularity of the Nugget in this country and rising sales of brand new motorhomes, it will be launched across the rest of Europe in Spring 2019.

In 2017, brand new campervan sales exceeded 100,000 for the first time, growing by almost 15%.

Hans Schep, the general manager of Ford Europe Commerical Vehicles said: “More and more customers are recognising the freedom and fun that camper vans can offer, and we’re excited to be able to offer a greater number of adventure-seekers our Transit Custom Nugget, which is already much-loved in Germany,”

It is yet to be announced how much it will cost to get your hands on the new Ford Transit Custom Nugget and when it will be released. Watch this space.

Check out the Ford Transit Custom range at Swiss Vans here.

The New Ford Ranger

New 2019 Ford Transit

The New 2019 Ford Transit Van . The best juts got better.


Buy A New Ford Transit Custom
Iveco Tipper 4×4
Iveco Tipper For Sale
VW Amarok WASP
VW Amarok Dark Label
Landrover Defender
Electric NV200
Nissan NV200

Vans Direct

Vans Direct. Many of you ask for your vans to be delivered direct to your front door.
All out new and pre registered vans come with a free delivery either to your front door or to Swiss HQ for modification work.

VW Transporter Kombi
Nissan Navara Accessories
Ford Torneo Custom Zetec
Ford Tourneo Custom Sport
Ford Tourneo Custom Titanium
Ford Transit Custom Accessories
New Range Rover Automatic
2019 Landrover Defender
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new mercedes vito 2019

New Mercedes Vito 2019: Three trim levels revealed

Mercedes-Benz is beginning 2019 by releasing three new specifications for the Vito panel van and crew van. This introduction allows customers to find the Mercedes Vito which best suits their needs.

From January 2019, the Mercedes Vito range offers the specifications of PURE, PROGRESSIVE and PREMIUM. Whether it is shifting cargo or transporting passengers, every Vito model now comes with automatic headlights, leather trimmed steering wheel and parking sensors.

What do the new specifications include?


At entry-level and most affordable is the PURE. For those who may be subjected to a bump or ding here and there, this is a no-frills option for the Mercedes Vito. However, it still comes with parking assist, heated door mirrors and heat insulating glass. Bluetooth and USB can be used with Mercedes Audio 10 infotainment system.


On top of this, the PROGRESSIVE trim comes with an image enhancement which includes a metallic paintjob, wheel trims and colour coded bumpers. There is also the addition of cruise control as well as a colour screen with the Audio 15 infotainment system.


The top of the range PREMIUM gets 17” alloy wheels, air-conditioning, reversing camera and velour floor mats. It also comes with a comprehensive anti-theft protection, which includes a double-lock.

What engines can I get with the Mercedes Vito?

The engine which is available across all the new trim levels is the 114 CDI. This means the option of an automatic and rear-wheel drive is there for all new Mercedes Vito owners.

There are 1.6 litre options available for the PURE and 2.1 litre for the PREMIUM with a choice between either size for the PROGRESSIVE. Front wheel drive is standard with the 1.6L engines with power coming from the rear wheels with the 2.1L.

Engine outputs

  • PURE: 109, 111 and 114
  • PROGRESSIVE: 109, 111, 114 and 116
  • PREMIUM: 114, 116 and 119

Following the launch of the new Mercedes Vito 2019 range, Steve Bridge, Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Vans UK, said: “By introducing three distinct trim levels to Vito, we hope to provide a clear and consistent offering to van owners and operators so that they can compare our products and services to the competition and choose the best solution for them and their business.”

What else is new with the Vito?

Whereas before the Mercedes Vito came in lengths of Compact, Long and Extra Long, they are now referred to simply as L1, L2 and L3.

The Vito Tourer, which is the multi-person vehicle version of the van, retains its PRO and SELECT trims. However, a Sport trim will be introduced for this model in the Spring of 2019.

Get a full overview of the Vito and find out more with Mercedes-Benz themselves.


Transit Connect Lease
New Citroen Relay Vans For Sale



Aug 8, 2018

  • Premiere at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf this month
  • Campervan based on the Crafter
  • New model gains bathroom and sleeping area in the rear

Hannover, 7 August 2018: The latest model from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, the Grand California, will make its world debut at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf (24 August to 2 September). The completely new motorhome is based on the ultra-modern Crafter, and with the arrival of the Grand California, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is extending its range by adding a model in the six-metre class, complete with bathroom. In addition to the large sleeping area in the rear, the Grand California will be available with a high bunk bed for children. The launch of the new campervan will be in early 2019.

First unveiled in 1988, the Bulli-based California is the world’s most successful campervan, with sales of over 160,000. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has used the experience gained from this iconic camper to create the new Grand California on the Crafter’s technical platform.

With its fresh clarity and cleverly thought-out details, the interior reflects the qualities that made the California a best-seller. The cabinet trim in the Grand California is white, creating a bright, spacious atmosphere. This is boosted by the pop-open camper windows both at the back and on the sides and the large skylights above the double bed in the rear and the living area. All camper windows are fitted with cassette blinds and flyscreens. For the driver’s cab there is a new blackout concept.

Further standard features include, in addition to the kitchen and spacious bathroom (840 x 800 mm), details such as external lighting above the sliding door. The standard connection at the back for an external shower (with adjustable water temperature) makes life on the campsite just perfect. An electrically powered step, which moves out in front of the sliding door, makes getting in and out easier, while a two-part mosquito net in the door is likewise part of the standard specification. One innovative feature is the option to control the loudspeakers in the living area via Bluetooth. This makes it possible to listen to music independently of the infotainment system using a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The Grand California is fitted with swivel seats at the front and a double bench seat in the living area. Families with small children will appreciate the ISOFIX anchor points complete with top tether in the rear bench seat. A large dining table provides ample room for four people to sit down to eat together. The kitchen fittings include a pull-out 70-litre fridge with freezer compartment (accessible from outside as well as via the sliding door), a twin-hob gas cooker, a sink and diverse drawers, pull-out storage compartments and tip-up shelves.

A key feature of the Grand California that differentiates it from the California ‘T6’ is its bathroom. In addition to toilet and shower, its fittings include a fold-out wash basin, shelves with holders for toiletries, a cupboard with integrated toilet paper holder (to protect it from getting damp), towel holders and a skylight for ventilation. The Grand California can carry 110 litres of water. There are no light switches to be found in the bathroom – the lights come on automatically via motion detectors – as standard.

Optionally available is a high bunk bed for kids complete with integrated panoramic skylight. Also available are details such as an additional roof-mounted air conditioning unit at the back, an awning, a rear bicycle rack and a camping table and chairs (which can be stowed in the wing doors). The standard gas heating can be expanded as a heating system to run on gas- or diesel-generated electric power. There will also be a solar panel system mounted on the roof, a satellite dish (for TV reception) and an LTE/WiFi hotspot (router).

In addition, the Grand California will be available with the Crafter’s driver assistance and infotainment systems. The driver assistance systems include the Front Assist surroundings monitoring system with City Emergency Braking function, Lane Assist to help the driver stay in lane, Blind Spot Monitor for changing lane, Rear Traffic Alert for reversing out of parking spaces and Park Assist for steering into them, the sensor-controlled side protection system, Adaptive Cruise Control and the Rear View reversing camera.

Campervans like the Grand California travel all over the world. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will therefore also be offering the new model with 4MOTION all-wheel drive. The newly developed camper high roof has been aerodynamically shaped in order to avoid any negative effects on fuel consumption.

The two-colour paintwork concept is adapted from the California ‘T6’. The single colour paintwork options are Candy White, Reflex Silver or Indium Grey. Available as two-colour paintwork are combinations of Reflex Silver and Indium Gray, Candy White and Cherry Red, Candy White and Deep Ocean Blue or Candy White and Mojave Beige Metallic.

During the Caravan Salon Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will announce further details about the Grand California, the launch dates and initial prices.


Notes for editors: You will find text and image materials in our press database: www.vwn-presse.de.

About the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand:
All around the globe we offer the best transport solutions for our customers. As a stand-alone brand within the Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is responsible globally for the development, construction and sales of light commercial vehicles, producing the Transporter, Caddy, Crafter and Amarok ranges. In consultation with its customers, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles draws up appropriate vehicle concepts, telematics and logistics solutions for the sparing use of resources at the highest possible level of efficiency. In 2017, the brand sold around 498,000 light commercial vehicles, produced at its sites in Hannover (D), Poznań (PL) and Września (PL) and Pacheco (ARG). Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles employs over 21,000 people globally.

All New Ford Transit
Fuel Efficient New Vans
VW Transporter Carbon Sport
Ford Transit Now Available At Swiss Vans

Josh Llewellyn Jones

Swiss Vans sponsor Josh Llewllyn Jones    who is possibly the fittest survivor of Cystic Fibrosis in the world
and a native of our town Cowbridge.
This guy would carry Bear Grylls up and down Mt Kilimanjaro    and in fact  he practically has a few years back with with former European Heavyweight Champion Scott Welch at -15 degrees celsius in just tracksuit bottoms. Josh raised over £120,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust 
If you are touched by Cystic Fibrosis then this is Josh’s Just Giving Page

His latest challenge is the 24hrs4cf.


Ford Ranger Black Carbon

One of Swiss Vans Ford Ranger Black Carbon Models

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Diesel vs Petrol vs Electric

Diesel vs Petrol vs Electric

As 2018 rolls by the lines between Diesel vs Petrol vs Electric is becoming blurred, and  with the Geneva motor show in full swing it’s clear to see that every car manufacturer is finally serious about battery power.

From Jaguar with their i-pace

through to Tata touting their E-vision (via Jaguar Land Rover partnership)

However these are all consumer cars, the question is how competitive and more importantly good are commercial electric vans? Especially when compared to their Diesel and Petrol counterparts?

There are, at the moment a few questions to ask, when it comes to considering whether to purchase / lease a diesel, petrol or electric van

1. What is your budget
2. What is your payload
3. What is your distance / route
4. How long do you keep your vehicles.

There are a few more questions which may also be applicable, but for now, let’s use the above to justify whether an electric van is a suitable option.


Why is this important?

Aside from the obvious i.e. how much you have to spend, the cost of batteries must also be taken into consideration.

Lithium isn’t cheap! Currently all vehicles run on lithium ion batteries, the distance is proportional to the size of the battery which in turn dictates the cost.

Just a few years ago the cost a Tesla car was estimated to be 50% battery, but over the past 6 years Lithium ion costs have dropped by about 80%


So what do you get for your money?

Let’s take a look at the

Renault e-Kangoo

Kangoo electric Van

Price / Cost
The starting price is: around £17,000 on top of this you will require a monthly battery hire, (this is calculated based on the amount of miles per month) for 6k miles a year this is £780 a year or £65 a month.

Miles per gallon

Naturally electric cars don’t go via miles per gallon, rather a range, bear in mind to keep the price down the battery is smaller than those used in a lot of the latest electric cars

This E-Kangoo has a a full NEDC range of 170 miles*

*Please note that like ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) counterparts, this figure is optimal, and can vary due to:

  • Driving styles
  • Driving conditions, i.e. terrain
  • Payload
  • Passengers

Batteries are also adversely affected by temparature, optimal running temperature is 20 Degrees, which, if like us you live in Wales accounts for approxiamtely 2 days of the year, followed by 363 days of rain, not really, but, with the recent winter temperatures below 0 Degrees and a payload of 500Kg can take this van from 170 miles -> 95 miles (average speed 50mph)

Cost of Refueling

This is where electric vehicles come into their own, a fully charged battery can cost as little as £2.50.

Using this cost and fairly terrible conditions as above that’s

£2.50 per 95 miles.
or £10 for approximately 400miles**

**Little leeway in there for temp / speed / and assuming payload would decrease on return.

That’s pretty cheap, given these are not using optimal figures.

So what of Petrol vans

Let’s take a similar sized van, the Ford Connect Double Cab petrol 1.0 Eco Boost.

ford transit connect petrol

Price / Cost
Starting price for this is around £16,270

Miles per gallon

Stated miles per gallon are 50.4 Miles per gallon
and c02 – 129g/km however these like battery vans are optimal figures.

Cost of Refueling

Therefore if we compare this to the electric van £10 will equate to roughly 94miles*. of course this is at optimal speed, weight and conditions.

(* 50.4mpg = 11 miles per litre, average cost per litre of petrol £1.17, so 8.54 litres = £10 x 8.54 = 94 miles)

The final choice is of course is

Euro 6 Diesel

For simplicity we’ll take the same Ford Connect, this time with a diesel.engine. –

ford transit connect petrol

Side note did you know the diesel engine was invented in 1890’s by Rudolf Diesel, some of the reasons why commercial vehicles use Diesel is:

  • Better Mileage
  • Power (Torque) maximised at much lower Revs (compression 17:1 vs 9:1 for petrol)
  • Longevity of engine

However, back on point.

Price / cost

Arriving smack bang in the middle of the two at £16.070

Miles per gallon

With start stop and a 1.5 TDci engine this connect has an average mpg of 65.7 and c02 111g/km

That said and in keeping with the calculations of an average petrol version we see £10 equates to –

(* 65.7mpg = 14.45 miles per litre, average cost litre diesel £1.19, so 8.40 litres – £10 x 14.45 = 144.5 miles)

So what is the best choice Diesel vs Petrol vs Electric?

Simply put.

  • Short inner city journeys with light loads may well suit electric vans.
  • Medium journeys either inner city or rural and with heavier loads will favour either petrol or diesel.
  • Long journeys with heavy loads and Diesel is still the preferred choice.

It’s clear to see that the future is electric, at one point it looked very likely the fastest electric van may yet bring the electric evolution sooner than we thought, check out Edna

Unfortunately Edna is no more and has morphed into another consumer electric car, the lucid air from the guys at Lucid

lucid air

What do you think?

Are you moving from Diesel to Petrol or taking the early plunge for electric?

Did you spot we left out hybrids? Check out the post on the upcoming Ford Hybrid, this could well be the solution to bridge the gap from petrol / diesel to fully electric.

Let us know in the comments below.


Ford Ranger Lease Swiss Vans
Ford Fiesta Sport Van
Managing Your vans fuel costs
All New VW Transporter Petrol Vans
Cheap Vito Lease

New 2018 Ford Ranger

Its quite flattering to see the Aussie Beach Patrol wearing Swiss Uniforms.
Anyway The 2018 Ford Ranger is back bigger and better.

Cheap Mercedes Vito Lease Deals
Ford Transit Crew Cab Lease
Ford Transit Custom Finance
Low Cost Changeovers
New Transit Custom High Roof
T6 ABt Styling Packages

VW Caddy Sportline For Sale ?

VW Caddy Sportline For Sale? Thats a phrase I havent said in a while.
The VW Caddy Sportline was killed off a few years back with Volkswagen  saying it was too expensive to produce in comparison to the volume of sales. Well its back.

The VW Caddy Sportline lives on as the Caddy WASP. The WASP is a styling pack rather than a simple version the is more open to more people. Your the customer its your choice

The original VW Caddy Sportline had
Rear Spoiler
Black Leather Seats
Lowered Sports Suspension
UK Made 17 Ich Alloy wheels

The New Caddy Sportline or rather the Swiss Caddy WASP – Spec varies but this is what we suggest

VW Caddy  Splitters front and back – We even move the reversing sensors!
Painted Rear spoiler-
Side bars
Bridgend Leather- Fine Hex Nappa leather 35 colour choices
Satnav is standard on all VW Highline Caddy Vans

Check back here in a week for some images and details when we update this.

Nissan Navara Lease
Bridgend Leather
New Amarok V6
Van customisations
New VW T6 Sportline
VW Transporter Kombi
Buy a new VW Transporter Kombi
Ford Transit Custom Auto
Lease VW Transporter Kombi Sportline

Pre Registered Vans

First things first.  What is a Pre Registered Van?

As the name suggests, pre-registered vans are vehicles which have been ‘previously registered’.

These brand new vans are purchased by a dealer, usually in bulk.  When purchased this way, they often have larger discounts and buying in bulk enables salespeople to hit targets.  The process isn’t just a good situation for the dealer, the manufacturer does well by selling in large volume too.  As the customer, the DISCOUNTED PRICES are then passed on to you.

They are delivered using a transporter so should have very little by the way of mileage.

The first registered keeper of the van is the dealer.  Once delivered, the van will remain in storage or on the forecourt until sold.

Is it a complete win-win situation?

As with all things in life.  There are pros and cons.

The biggest ‘pro’ is the discounted price.  Everybody likes to save money.  How much you save can depend on the make and model of the car and also at what time of year you buy.  There tends to be more to chose from during March and September when the new registrations are released.

Although not technically ‘new’ these vans are likely to be just a few weeks old and still have the scent and shiny finish of a brand new vehicle.

Because the vans are held in stock, delivery can be very fast.

The aim of the dealer is to move these vehicles on quickly.  To make this possible, they tend to stock the higher spec, more popular models.  So, you can often bag yourself a bargain in a van with plenty of extras.  Although remember, you can’t make any changes or request extras like you would with a factory order vehicle.

So, if you don’t mind being the second name on the log book, there are great savings to be made.

Ex-Demo Bargains

The vans you test drive at your local dealership are also pre-registered.  Many dealerships and traders will have DEMO VANS.  Swiss are no different.  We have a small army of demo vans being driven around South Wales by various members of the Swiss Team.

Our demo vans tend to be a very high spec.  We like to show off what we can do, so our Swiss WASP (Wheel & Styling Package) vans are often used as demo’s and are available for you to come and see.  We also change them frequently, so there are often ex-demo vans available to buy.

This is the latest… If you’re interested, contact the Sales Team.



Check out the latest Pre Reg Deals from Swiss Vans Here

New Citroen Relay Van

van life

Van Life: Van Conversion Inspiration

“Van Life”

NOT a hobby, an ACTUAL way of life.

Literally filled with the things dreams are made of.

We’ve seen a diverse range of home and professional conversions, in all sorts of vans.

From the popular Transporter to, a larger scale, fully converted Volkswagen Crafter.  We have even seen a Volkswagen Caddy successfully converted with sleeping quarters and pop top!

With an influx of imagination, the possibilities for a conversion are endless.

There are groups and forums dedicated to vans from all of the large manufacturers.  Here, thousands of people come together across the globe to share experiences and tips for conversion, maintenance and modifications.


Check out our recent Van Owners Blog Here:
13 Pinterest boards every van owner should visit…

Owning a van really does seem to introduce you to a whole new family of fellow van fanatics, all very willing to share knowledge, for free!

Once you start surfing the web for inspiration, it’s easy to get lost in the dream of someday living a simple ‘van life’.

One such British couple call themselves ‘Two Adventurers”

They have transformed a Luton Box Van into an incredible camper.

Their twitter page documents the journey around Europe.  Their story in pictures, the highs, the lows, and the breathtaking adventure.  Check them out here:

This was the second conversion project for Two Adventurers.  Even so, every van conversion project has to start with a base van and a conversion budget.

Two adventurers chose a Luton Box van and with an incredibly low budget, purchased it, taxed, insured and converted the Luton into their ‘New Home On Wheels’.  They got on the road in their fully converted van, for under £5,000!! See how they started here:

Two Adventures offer inspiration in abundance. The Box Van conversion is not the most common choice but fitted their needs and budget.  I wonder what project they will take on next…..

Perhaps a full conversion seems a larger project than you’d like to take on right now, but the idea of travelling through Europe is something that appeals to you?

What are your options?

Perhaps a middle ground would be a VW Caravelle or a VW Kombi?

The flexible seating arrangement, particularly in the Caravelle, make it versatile enough to be able to arrange a sleeping area.  Many people add a bed to the rear of a Kombi van, behind the rear seats.

You need to consider how ‘self-sufficient’ you would like to be in your van.  Are you happy to eat out, and feast on takeaway every day?  If budget would allow you to, that would be great! However, it may be sensible to consider some kind of cooking facilities, even as basic as a camping stove to use outside.  This may then lead down the path towards an awning for shelter, and a little extra space it creates.

I don’t think its possible to have a complete list of desires and wishes for your conversion.  The list simply gets longer and longer.  As you fit an extra bit of kit, it sparks the idea for something else, it goes on and on, a viscous, expensive cycle!  Priority is key,  decide what is the most important to you.  Somewhere to sleep, heating, solar power, a leisure battery, cooking facilities, refrigeration, storage….so much to consider.

Insulation and soundproofing would be essential for a comfortable night.  Swiss offer this service in house at our workshop, the service usually includes LED lights in the rear compartment.

All this is before your imagination runs wild on the exterior look of your van.  How important is kerb appeal to you?

Stylish, sporty looking vans are our speciality.  Take a look at our Wheel & Styling Package (WASP). Designed by us, and available on our most popular vans.

Swiss WASP

If you are considering one of our WASP vans for a potential conversion, speak to our sales team.  We have great deals on vans from the major manufacturers.    Contrary to common belief, you can modify a van which is on finance lease.  You OWN the vehicle under this method of finance.

With a finance lease deal, you can probably afford a better, higher spec van than you think.  Give us a call, you may be pleasantly surprised.  We have 100’s in stock, and even with mods such as the WASP, we can deliver your van in as little as 14 days, so you can get started on your dream.









Pickup wars

Pick Up Wars

Its Pick-Up Season.

We sell more pick up trucks during the winter than we do at any other time of year.  Why?

These vehicles were designed for driving in extreme conditions, and they do it well.  The British winter is no challenge for a rugged Pick-Up.

So, you’ve decided you want a Pick-Up. But which one?

Our Best Selling Pick-Ups: Volkswagen Amarok Highline and Ford Ranger Wildtrack.

We tend to stock the higher spec models of both the VW Amarok and the Ford Ranger.

Ford Ranger Wildtrack Lease Deals

The UK’s best-selling Pick-Up and voted Pick up of the Year in 2013, the Ranger is a proven popular choice.    New for 2017, the Euro-6 version meets Euro 6 standards for exhaust emissions.  This more economically friendly version of the Ranger requires AdBlue alongside Diesel and cannot run without it.  Although an extra expense to consider, the large 20 litre AdBlue tank should last for thousands of miles.

AdBlue is used in the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system.  It lowered the amount of harmful NOx emissions which contribute to poor air quality.

The top of the range Wildtrak is packed with extras making it a great option as a ‘lifestyle’ choice for weekend enjoyment as well being a practical workhorse.

  • 18in Machined Alloys
  • Dual Zone Electric Auto Air Conditioning
  • Cruise Control+adjust Speed Limit Device
  • Front Fog Lights
  • Heated Power Folding Mirrors

  • Aluminium Effect Roof Rails
  • Rear View Camera
  • Dab Radio/Cd/Sat Nav+sync 2+touchscreen
  • Heated Driver And Passenger Seat


Also, check out our Modified Wildtrack WASP

 Ford Ranger Lease from Swiss Vans

  • Ford Ranger Wildtrak Lease £268.00

    Ford Ranger Wildtrak

    Ranger Wildtrack from £299 a month. Upgrade to a WASP or opt for a lower spec model


Volkswagen Amarok V6 Lease Deals

The NEW VW Amarok V6 brings more power with a 3.0-litre V6 TDI engine.  This impressive pick-up can reach 62mph in 8 seconds and reach a top speed of 119 mph.  The Volkswagen BlueMotion Technology means it is now more efficient.  The permanent 4MOTION all-wheel drive system gives a balanced weight distribution on all terrains.

On the outside, a fresh new look featuring a new grille, double chrome trim, and bi-xenon headlights.  The redesigned interior feels spacious. The load space accommodates a euro pallet with ease.

  • 18″ ‘Manaus’ alloy wheel
  • Rear View Camera
  • Two Double chrome trims on radiator grille
  • Chrome-plated rear bumper
  • Bi-xenon headlights
  • Sidebars in stainless steel
  • ‘Vienna’ leather seat upholstery
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Heated driver and front passenger seats
  • Composition Media DAB+ radio system with 6.33″ touch-screen
  • Sidebars in stainless steel

VW Amarok V6 Lease from Swiss Vans

  • £335.93

    VW Amarok

    Lease a VW Amarok Highline V6 from £399pm



Ford Transit Custom Kombi
Ford Transit Minibus
Ford Transit Tipper

Ford Transit Minibus 17 Seater

tsi mod ball entry

Delivery of the MOD BALL T6 TSI

We Shall Go To The Ball!

The Mod Ball Rally Entry from Team Swiss, UK.

Exciting times for Swiss Vans!!  You may have read previously that we will be entering the 2018 Mod Ball Rally!  If not, check the details out here …..  Swiss Vans Entry Confirmed at the Mod Ball.


In 2018, the Modball Rally will begin in London, then on to Paris,  Lyon, and be passing through Monaco and Venice before coming to a race track end in Vienna.

Ian Hill, MD at Swiss Vans decided that the Volkswagen Transporter TSI will be used at the Swiss Vans Entry.  This decision was made months ago, back when Volkswagen announced the release of the petrol engine within the Transporter range.    The order was placed for the base vehicle and we sat patiently waiting…..


Delivery of the VW T6 Petrol TSI Mod Ball Rally Entry

Its here!! We took delivery of the Volkswagen Transporter TSI last week.  There’s no hanging around.  Work started almost immediately at our workshop in Bridgend.

This Indium Grey, Volkswagen Transporter T6 TSI 200bhp Highline will be the base for our entry.  The Mod Ball rules state that all vehicles entered should have a minimum of two modifications.  This T6 will be highly modified.   Swiss have BIG plans for this VW Van.


Team Swiss at the Modball Rally 2018

Here is the latest list of confirmed entries.:

1. Modball Girls – UK – Jeep Wrangler
2. TBC – Switzerland – TBC
3. TBC – UK – TBC
4. Billofski – Sweden – 911 Turbo S Convertible
5. Gorgen – Netherlands – AMG GTR
6. TBC – Germany – Porsche GTS
7. TBC – UK – Mercedes GTS
8. TBC – UK – Ford Msport
9. What Could Possibly Go Wrong – UK – Porsche 911 Carerra S
10. TBC – Denmark – Ferrari 458 Spider
11. BellaJoJo’s – UK – Ferrari 458 Spider
12. Sol – UK – Lamborghini
13. TBC – UK – TBC
14. TBC – UK – TBC
15. TBC – Denmark – Ferrari 458 Spider
16. TBC – Romania – TBC
17. TBC – UK – TBC
18. Gravy Train – UK – TBC
19. TBC (Totally Boring C’s) – UK – BMW X5M
20. Speed Racer – Lamborghini Aventador S
21. TBC – Feed The Pony – Ford Mustang GT
22. 10Q Racing Team – Germany – AMG
23. Lines N Nines – Scotland – BMW M4
24. No Limits – Sweden – Ferrari 458 Spider
25. TBC – UK – TBC
26. The Fast & Ferocious – Switzerland – Bentley Continental GT
27. Hilljet – UK – Bentley Continental GT
28. EspenWide – France – Porsche GT3RS
29. AP-Vision – Poland – TBC
30. Mr Rickno – Sweden – Lamborghini Huracan or Ferrari 488 Spider
31. Junk Crew – Portugal – Jeep Wrangler Lifted
32. TBC – UK – Aston Martin Rapide S
33. Madev Crew – France – TBC
34. TBC – Scotland – TBC
35. Tremma – UK – Ferrari F430
36. Girls From Fenyx – Netherlands – Fiat Abarth 595C Competizione
37. TBC – UK – Porsche 997 Turbo
38. C Jonas – UK – TBC
39. Team Rawling – Sweden – Austria – Mercedes GTS
40. Dirty Blonde – Wales – TBC
41. Team Absolutely Cars – UK – Mclaren 570S
42. SF Conception – France – Mini Cooper Coupe S
43. This Time Next Year – UK – Lamborghini Aventador
44. Carwerk Berlin – Berlin – Lamborghini Aventador Pirelli Edition
45. MNK Racing – USA – Mclaren 650s
46. Vision Cars – UK – TBC
47. Mr Team – Spain – TBC
48. Team Germany – Germany – Porsche 911 Carrera S
49. Funemployed – France – Rolls Royce Wraith
50. TBC – UK – Mclaren 570GT
51. Bonnie & Clyde – Switzerland – TBC
52. TBC – Germany – Audi R8
53. The Lucky Ones – UK – Abarth 595C Competizione

54. Team Swiss – UK – VW Transporter T6 WASP

55. Project Mac – UK – Mercedes AMG GTR
56. Diesel Brothers – UK – Land Rover Defender
57. TBC – Austria – TBC
58. Alpha – UK – Lamborghini Performante
59. TBC – Luxembourg – TBC
60. TBC – USA – TBC
61. Gok – Sweden – Bentley GTC
62. George – Spain – Aston Martin
63. Half ‘N’ Half – UK – Mercedes C63
64. Ballers – UK – TBC
65. Team Lanned – Sweden – Tuned BMW M5 650hp
66. Empire – UK – TBC
67. Piston Broke – UK – Nissan GT-R
68. Catch Me If You Can – UAE – Nissan GT-R R35
69. Only For Fun – Germany – Mercedes SLS
70. Team Steam – Sweden – Ferrari 488
71. TBC – UK – TBC
72. Rust One – UK – Mustang
73. Flash Gordon – USA – Ferrari 458
74. TBC – Norway – Ferrari California
75. MTD – UK – Aston Martin Vantage S
76. NO 1 BC – Germany – Audi RS 6 MTM
77. Excel Twinstar Racing – UK – TBC
78. BagJump – Austria – Porsche 993 Turbo
79. Fat Farmers – UK – Porsche GTS
80. My Epic Year – USA – TBC
81. Turmoils – Ireland – Supra
82. Tropp – Netherlands – TBC
83. Castle Hill Nomads – UK – Porsche 991 GT3
84. Mighty Mini – UK – Mini John Cooper Works
85. Inglerude – Switzerland – Lamborghini Huracan
86. Low Profile – Qatar – BMW M3 Widebody 650+ whr
87. Gym Freaks – Belgium – Ferrari 458 Libertywalk
88. Team Navi – Switzerland – Shelby GT350
89. Team Navi – Switzerland – Mclaren 570S
90. TBC – Netherlands – TBC
91. Team Navi – Switzerland – McLaren MP4-12C
92. Team Navi – Switzerland – Audi R8 Capristo
93. RS Tuning – United Kingdom – Nissan GTR
94. Clog Race Team – Netherlands – Mercedes SLS
95. Sprinters – Italy – Lamborghini Murcielago
96. TBC – UK – TBC
97. Team Germany/Greece – Germany – Porsche Panamera Turbo S
98. Four88 – UK – Ferrari 488 GTB
99. 1 Wyn – Wales (UK) – Bentley Mulsanne Speed
100. Sammie From Rhyl – Wales (UK) – Porsche 911
101. Team WGA$ – United Kingdom – Aston Martin DBS Carbon Black
102. #BPPF – Portugal – TBC
103. TBC – UK – TBC
104. Bag Jump – Austria – Porsche 911
105. Vandam – Sweden – AMG GTC
106. Zeedels – UK – Corvette
107. Fast Eds – UK – Nissan GTR
108. Drakers – France – Cayman GT4
109. Ricky Bobby – Ireland – Mustang
110. Lint Mode – Sweden – Porche Cayenne Turbo
111. Dog Team – France – Lamborghini Huracan Performante
112. TBC – Germany – TBC
113. WHPH – UK – Nissan GTR
114. Drop Line – Sweden – Ferrari 458/Lamborghini
121. TBC – Luxembourg – TBC
122. TBC – France – TBC
123. CK MLT – Malta – TBC
124. Tigerland – Switzerland – Ferrari 458 Spider
125. TBC – UK – Mercedes GTS
126. 8 Inches In Stock – Russia – Porsche 930 RWB
127. TBC – Germany – Mercedes C63
128. Phantom – UK – TBC
129. Cartel – Russia – MB C63s AMG
130. TeamMadCroc #130 – Finland – TBC
131. Invia – Austria – TBC
132. Invia – Austria – TBC
133. TBC – Germany – Porsche GT3RS
134. Princes Of Bel-Air – France – Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

144. 2 Rookies – Switzerland – Porsche 911 GT3RS

150. TBC – UK – TBC
151. TBC – UK – TBC

169. Suicide Squad – Slovakia – Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R (500whp)

VW Transporter TSI Van
VW Transporter Petrol Kombi
Ford Transit Courier Kombi
Ford Transit Connect Sport
Renault Master Dropside
Mercedes Sprinter Luton
Ford Transit 3 Way Tipper

black kombi wasp

Fully Loaded Black VW Transporter Kombi WASP

Impressive looking vans are a daily occurrence at Swiss.  Our workshop sees upwards of 50 vans each month for various modifications and fits.

Every now and again one stands out…..

As soon as the order was placed for this fully loaded black VW Transporter Kombi WASP, we were eager to see the finished project.

Our Customer placed an order for a Volkswagen T6 T32 SWB 2.0TDi 150PS Highline 7 Speed DSG Kombi Van, in Deep Black Metallic.  The standard spec of this vehicle is impressive in its own right.  Add to this, the modifications and fits specified and WOW!

Full loaded black vw transporter kombi wasp

Volkswagen Factory T6  Extras and Mods included:

  • Discover Media Nav
  • Comfort Dash
  • Heated Seats
  • Electric Folding Mirrors
  • 2+1 Rear Bench.
  • 30mm VW Lowering

Swiss Vans T6 Mods included:

  • Full WASP: Front Spoiler, Chrome Side Bars, “18” Alloy Wheels, Rear Spoiler
  • Swiss Leather
  • Black Roof Bars
  • 12” Drop Down DVD With Wireless Headphones
  • Carpet And Sound Proofing With LEDs

VW T6 Van Leasing from Swiss Vans

Are you thinking of a T6 Lease Deal?  Speak to our Sales Team today.  We can quote for your dream van.

This customer did exactly that and will be taking delivery of this Incredible VW T6 Kombi WASP this week.

Swiss WASP

The Swiss WASP (Wheel & Styling Package) Includes a front WASP splitter, sidebars (chrome or black) 18″ Upgraded Alloys (choose from many), rear spoiler.  A WASP pack will typically add around £35-£40 to your van lease deal monthly payment.

Short Term Van Lease
VW Caddy DSG Automatic
New Ford Ranger XLT
Ford Ranger Limited Automatic

Citroen Relay Dropside
Ford Transit Dropside
Mercedes Benz Citan
Transporter T6 Shuttle Lease


A Retro Twist for a New T6

Each week at Swiss Vans, we speak to hundreds of people contemplating a new van purchase.  Some of these people aren’t sure exactly what they want  What colour?  A manual or a DSG? Kombi or a panel van?

Others know EXACTLY what they want.  Chris was one of them.

A Factory Order VW T6 Kombi

Chris contacted Swiss in Spring 2017.  He had an image in his head of his dream T6.  Translating that dream into a reality wasn’t a fast process.  Purchasing or leasing a new VW T6 is a large investment, it simply has to be right and fulfil all expectations.  Negotiating and planning took place over several phone call between Chris and Dean (Sales Specialist at Swiss Vans).  It was confirmed that the van would be a factory order from Volkswagen.

An order was placed for a VOLKSWAGEN TRANSPORTER T32 SWB 2.0 TDI BMT 150 Highline Kombi DSG in Metallic Oryx Mother of Pearl White.

Chris also requested 6 seats, which would include a 2:1 rear seat split seat, 30mm lowering and asked that the T6 be de-badged.

The factory ordered van arrived at Swiss Vans in September 2017.  Chris had been patient and waited five months to get this far.  Some things are definitely worth waiting for!!

Swiss Vans Modifications

Once at our Workshop our talented team of fitters got to work on the mods. –

Swiss WASP Kit:
Front splitter
Side bars (polished)
18 “ Alloys ( Classic)
Roof rails (polished)

Custom Leather Interior  with orange stitching and VW logo
Rear carpeting with sound reduction and LED compartment lights.



As soon as the Swiss Mods were completed.   Chris chose to collect the van himself, rather than opt for delivery.   Chris flew from Scotland down to South Wales!! There was a method in the madness though, plans for the van didn’t stop there…..


Further Van Mods via the Scenic Route

On leaving Swiss Vans, the journey home began was a pit stop for a bed to be fitted in the rear of the T6 Kombi.  Chris and his family but the van to immediate use with the trip back to Scotland taking them north via the Lake District.

‘Van Life’ Begins

Finishing Touches: Vinyl Van Wrap

Part of the original vision was for a half vehicle vinyl wrap in bright orange.  We have been sent some great shots of the van, now complete.  We think it looks amazing.  Congratulation to Chris and family, you had a dream and have seen it through to the end.  It is an incredible looking, highly spec’d Volkswagen T6 Kombi.


Swiss Vans Five Star Reviews

Another Happy Customer from Swiss Vans.  Thank You, Chris!

5 star review

If you have purchased a Swiss WASP, and you’d like to be featured in a story. Get in touch!

New Citroen Relay Van For Sale

Ford Transit Custom 2018

2018 Ford Transit Custom

Ford has announced a modern day facelift on the extremely successful Transit Custom.

The Ford Transit has been a top-selling van in the UK for years. This new generation is set to take the Ford Transit Custom to a new level. It will no doubt be a necessity amongst today’s environmentally friendly, and economically conscious, van drivers. Especially given the change in law across the UK regarding diesel engines.

The New Ford Transit Custom arriving early 2018

We will be taking orders for this New Ford Transit Custom by the end of the year.

So, what has changed?

A Safer 2018 Ford Transit Custom.

Ford has safety in mind, the 2018 Ford Transit Custom Base additional features include:

  • Intelligent Speed Limiter
  • Traffic Sign Recognition system
  • Blind Spot Information System with Cross Traffic Alert

 Inside the New Transit Custom:

The New Ford Transit Custom has an attractive new style which boasts an array new technology.
The cab has been completely redesigned, the dash looks modern and the entire cab provides you with masses of storage space and compartments. Much thought has gone into creating a ‘mobile office’ for drivers on the road. You can even use an A4 hanging file in the glove compartment. so there’s no excuse to be unorganised!

If you’re looking at the higher spec trim, you’ll be impressed with the 8.0 inch touch screen central display which is a huge improvement on the current smaller screen.

Ford hasn’t overlooked the necessities either. Extra cup holders and more comfortable, supportive, and durable seats guarantee a comfortable ride.

Outside the New Transit Custom:

Outside, the changes are clear to see.

HID Xenon headlights have been slimmed down and appear more modern. You may recognise the striking, ‘trapezoid grille’, which has been influenced by the Ford Car range. It gives the front end a drastic new look.

Under the Bonnnet of the New Transit Custom

The release of the 2018 Transit Custom will welcome efficient new Econetic and Plug-in Hybrid electric versions.

The Econetic has an official fuel economy figure of almost 50mpg.

The Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle will deliver several miles of emissions-free driving. You can read more about the Plug-In Hybrid version here.

The new Custom will be available with a smoother, more efficient 2.0-litre diesel engine. Available with either 105hp, 130hp or 170hp, all of which meet the stringent Euro 6 emissions requirements.

Ford Transit Custom Econetic

With emphasis being on fuel efficiency and lower CO2, 2018 will also see the launch of a Ford Transit Custom ECOnetic Version.
Based on the 105bhp, this super-efficient model has been calibrated and claims to emit a mere 148g/km whilst returning an impressive mpg of 49.6. This is achieved with a speed limiter, acceleration control, low rolling resistance tyres and a start-stop engine.

2018 Transit Custom Specifications.

We can only assume at the moment that the Base, Trend and Limited models will remain. What we do know is that a variety of Sports models will be available.

Practicalities have stepped up. The maximum payload has been confirmed at a massive 1450kg, as well as a useful load-through hatch within the bulkhead and the helpful collapsible roof rack for carrying those longer or awkward items.

What will the 2018 Ford Transit Custom Cost?

No official figures have been released yet. If you are interested to find out more, register your interest wit Swiss Vans today. As information becomes available, we can keep you updated and provide finance lease and cash price quotes as soon as we are able.

Transit Custom Finance

Ford Transit Custom Hybrid

Ford Transit Custom Hybrid

Trials of the Ford Transit Custom Hybrid have been confirmed.

This multi-million-pound Ford Transit Custom Hybrid Project from Ford has been designed with the aim to help improve air quality in London.

The 12-month trial begins in London in December 2017, and is supported by Transport for London.

Twenty Plug-in Hybrid Transit Customs will be trialled across London. The first five fleets have been confirmed as:

The Metropolitan Police will trial two of the Transit Custom PHEV vans.  The first will be marked and used as a second response vehicle to traffic accidents and the other will be un-marked and used as a forensic support unit. The PHEV vans are fitted with range extenders, this means that they are capable of longer journeys and essentially, the emergency services will not be limited by their battery mileage range.

Transport for London will also be taking advantage of the range extenders and will be using three PHEV vans for freight services. This will dramatically reduce local emissions by running wholly on electric power for the bulk of inner-city journeys.

The trialling fleets have been selected to gather data from a diverse cross-section of businesses in the City.

The trial Ford Transit Custom PHEV Vehicles will use a telematics system which will provide data on the vehicle statistics. It will monitor their day-to-day usage and provide information on the vehicles’ financial, operational and environmental performance.

Results from these trials will be used to maximise the benefits of this kind of PHEV Vehicles.

When can expect to see the Transit Custom PHEV available to buy?

Ford plans to release the Transit Custom PHEV to the commercial market in 2019.

 Technical Details of the Ford Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid Engine

The Ford Transit Custom hybrid has a ‘range-extender’ with an electric motor powered by the combination of a lithium-ion battery pack and a tiny 3 cylinder turbo, 1.0 litre EcoBoost petrol engine.

The range extender means that the electric motor always provides power to the wheels, the petrol engine acts as a generator for additional electricity required when the battery has been drained.

Ford Transit Custom Hybrid

Will the Transit Custom PHEV still be practical?

Ford has eliminated the issue of heavy batteries by reducing the number required with the assistance of the small petrol engine.

With this in mind, it is understood that the PHEV will still have a one-tonne payload when it hits the market in 2019. As the battery pack is installed under the floor, the load volume will not be affected.

Advantages of a Plug-in Hybrid Van

The PHEV battery can be pre-charged using mains electricity before your journey. It makes sense to charge the vehicle overnight. The battery within the Transit Custom can offer up to 31 miles of completely emission-free driving.

The PHEV takes away the worry of running out of range that you would have if you were driving an all-electric vehicle. Once the battery is low, you switch to petrol power and then refuel at any petrol station along your route.

Will the Transit Custom Hybrid be suitable to travel into zero-emissions zones?

Using the battery power as much as possible will obviously dramatically reduce the running costs and efficiency. With the ability to switch between battery and petrol power, you can choose to save some of your battery power for the parts of your journey within the ‘low emissions’ zones. Simply switch to battery power on entering these areas.

Will I be restricted in mileage range of the Transit Custom PHEV?

Ford Transit Custom Hybrid

On top of the 31 miles of completely emission-free driving, the extra electricity generated by the Ecoboost petrol engine will mean that the Transit Custom hybrid has a maximum combined range of approximately 355 miles! That’s pretty impressive!

The Transit Custom PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) is the first of Ford’s long-term plan to release 13 new electric vehicles over the next five years.


VW Kombi WASP Stage 3

VW Kombi WASP Stage 3

VW Kombi WASP Stage 3: Transformation Complete!

To re-cap:  This VW Kombi arrived at our workshops just over a week ago.  It already had a few factory extras, but the owners required a sportier look and a few added luxuries.  Our team have converted this factory standard Volkswagen Kombi into something to be desired.  A van that will stand out in the crowd and on the road.  VW Kombi WASP Stage 3: Transformation Complete, ready for delivery!

Swiss WASP included:

  • Front Splitter, Rear Spoiler, Polished Side Bars
  • 18inch Wolfrace EuroSport Scorpio Alloys

Additional Swiss Extras Specified:

  • Carpet Lining, Insulation, Sound Deadening
  • 10 LED Lights
  • Custom Leather


Impressed? Who wouldn’t be?

VW T6 WASP Lease

Owning a WASP is more affordable than you think.  The WASP adds around an extra £35-40 to your monthly payment.  The Sales Team at Swiss are VW WASP experts and are here to give advice on both your vehicle and suitable finance package.

Why drive a standard T6 Kombi, when you could drive a T6 WASP?

Check out the WASP here:




12 reasons
About us
Advert explanation
Caddy black edition
Complaints procedure
Conflicts of interest
Meet the team

VW Kombi WASP stage 2:

VW Kombi WASP Stage 2

VW Kombi WASP Stage 2: – Transformation Underway!

VW Kombi WASP stage 2:  The Blackberry VW Kombi has been in our workshop for a couple of days.  Progress is made very quickly.

Our fitters have tonnes of experience, fitting on average over 50 WASPs every month.

This VW Kombi is also being treated to a custom leather interior.  The seats have been removed and sent away for their new leather trim.  Looks a little ’empty’ at the moment.

VW Kombi Blackberry


With the seats out of the way, for now, the sound deadening, insulation and carpeting commences.  The LED spotlights will be fitted at this point too.  They make a massive difference to the interior look of the van.

VW Kombi Balckberry Soundproofing


On the outside, 18″ Wolfrace Eurosport Scorpio Alloys, as chosen by the customer, patiently await fitting.

VW Kombi Blackberry Wolfrace Alloys




All systems go…

This vehicle will be delivered to its eager new owner very soon.  But, not before I get some shots of the finished product!  Check back in a couple of days…






VW Kombi WASP Stage 1

VW Kombi WASP Stage 1:

All of our VW Kombi WASPs start life as a run of the mill factory standard van.  Often the Highline Specification, but we have been known to transform a mid-range Trendline too.

VW Kombi WASP Transformation. Stage 1: Delivery to our Workshop

Pre WASP: Transporter T32 SWB Kombi 150PS Highline, Just arrived at our Workshop in Bridgend.


Factory Options on this Kombi: Swiss Fits Specified on Order:
  • Electric Folding Wing Mirrors
  • Electric Folding Wing Mirrors
  • Power latching Tailgate
  • LED Rear Lights
  • 2/1 Split Rear Bench
  • Twin Side Loading Doors
  • Swiss Wasp Kit:
  • Front Splitter
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Polished Side Bars
  • 18inch Wolfrace EuroSport Scorpio Alloys
  • Carpet Lining, Insulation, Sound Deadening
  • 10 LED Lights
  • Custom Leather

So, what is a WASP?

‘WASP’ is the name we have given to our Swiss Vans designed, exclusive modification pack. It simply stands for Wheel And Styling Package – see what we did there?!

The pack consists of :

  • 18″ Alloy Wheels
  • Sidebars
  • Roof bars
  • Front Splitter

18″ Alloys

You can choose from a large range of 18″ upgraded wheels from  British Designed Wolfrace or Supermetal.

Front Splitter

Our WASP Splitter will completely transform the look of the front end.

Side Bars

Your choice of either chrome or black.  Choose your preferred option to compliment the look of your van.

Rear Spoiler

Body coloured spoiler to complete the look.

A WASP kit can be added to either a panel van or kombi.  You choose the body style and engine size, then leave the rest to us.  Your van will be delivered to our Customisation Workshop where the transformation will take place, often completed and delivered within 14 days.

How much does a WASP cost?

Typically a full WASP will cost an additional £30 – £40 per month on the finance deal.

Money well spent? We think so.

VW WASP Extras?

Depending on budget, of course, there is so much you can do.  I literally don’t know where to start.

Swiss have a customisation workshop in Bridgend, South Wales.   If you are lucky enough to be close enough, you can come down and take a look around.  There is always a work in progress to look at for ideas.  You can sit down with one of the team and look at leather samples, alloy wheel options, sound and satnav systems, reversing cameras and more.  If you are not able to pop down, you can take a look at our online customisation planner for some ideas.

Leather Upgrades

The leather interior is a common addition to the VW WASP.  This is a completely personalised service. so you choose colours, stitching, piping etc.

Take a look at these examples of customised leather upgrades.


Volkswagen Kombi WASP Pre-Transformation:

VW Kombi WASP Stage 1

Our experienced team are transforming this vehicle right now.  Stand by for updates…..


ULEZ and the impact on pre Euro 6 van owners

ULEZ and the impact on pre Euro 6 van owners

Does your business depend on your van / fleet of vans?

Wonder where you stand with Diesel?

It’s no surprise, It doesn’t seem that long ago Diesel engines were praised for their:

  • Great mileage
  • Lack of ignition tune up
  • Longevity
  • Torque

But with the ever increasing need to clean up the air, and the onslaught of electric vehicles, Government and public demand are pushing forward a clean air agenda / future.

One such initiative is ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zones) popping up around the globe, most notably London in 2019.

So how will this impact your business, and what are the alternatives?

When does it start and what are the requirements?

The latest charging zones are set to kick in 8 April 2019 and are the most significant changes since the original congestion charge started back in February 2003.

ULEZ set stringent guidelines for both cars and vans within London, to be exact, petrol cars that don’t meet the Euro 4 emissions standards and diesels that don’t meet the relatively new Euro 6 emission standards, anything outside of this will have an additional £12.50 on top of the already £11.50 charge.

The ULEZ will replace the new T-Charge which will come into place in on the 23rd October, and will charge pre Euro 4 vehicles with an additional £10 to use the congestion zone.

24 hours 7 days a week

Unlike current charging, the new charges will apply 24/7, so there will be no escaping the additional cost by using out of hours, and if that wasn’t enough it’s set to expand everywhere within the North and South Circular roads.

What are my options?

We are already speaking to Trades people, Directors, and fleet managers about how to navigate the upcoming changes,

In real terms, there are 3 options.

Option 1

Euro 6 TDI, still the best option out there, these engines are not affected by the ULEZ, they provide decent MPG and more importantly meet the current emissions levels, and with a wide range of models / Engines, they really are the best choice for anyone looking to upgrade their current van.

But the zones will change, I hear you say.

Of course, however, that’s the benefit of leasing / contract hire.

Have you noticed how every couple of years the Government changes tack, back tracks on policy, or finally catches up with the rest of us?

It doesn’t seem that long ago they were ‘pushing’ diesel vehicles.

With Leasing or contract hire, you can simply upgrade your van every 2-3 years, we’ve previously discussed the benefit of leasing here.

Some of the most popular vans include:

Ford Transit Custom

Volkswagen Transporter Highline


So what are my other options?

Option 2

Go electric.

As it stands Ford, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Renault and the other manufacturers have yet to provide a real alternative to the trusted diesel van.

Seems like they are late to the party, falling behind the much praised Tesla batteries (though to be fair, not many would spend £65,000+ on a 300 mile battery van)

Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell.

One of the few manufacturers who provide a mid sized van, however with a range of 80 miles, it may not get you from A to B.

Citroen Berlingo.

Citroen have taken the very popular Berlingo and made an electric version, makes sense, on paper, however like the Mercedes-Benz this small van is potentially only suitable for London congestion driving / congestion charge, with a range of 105 miles, top speed 70mph it fails to live up to to its internal combustion engine counterpart.


A manufacturer who has shown perhaps the most guts when it comes to electric vehicles, (look at Renault Zoe and the latest Renault Zoe with 250 miles ranges)

However, both their vehicles are sub 200.

Renault Master ZE

The largest van in the list, with a range of 90 – 100 miles.

Renault Kangoo ZE

The best range of the lot, 167 miles. perhaps for those in the inner city, a real alternative for those looking for a small van?

Option 3

Petrol Engines.

In a recent blog post we discussed the upcoming Volkswagen Transporter TSI, however, these will be in limited number and arguably you’d still be better off with the EURO 6 TDi engines (except the ULEZ).








The Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom – Not only a good looking van, an efficient, stylish, practical, affordable van, full of extras and readily available.

Growing in popularity, the Ford Transit Custom is the younger, better-looking brother of the Ford Transit.

Ford provide a good amount of options with this van. From the modestly priced base, through to the limited spec and sport, there is something for every depth of pocket.

The Efficient Ford Transit Custom

All Ford Transit Custom vans run with a new Ford EcoBlue TDCi engine under the bonnet.

These state of the art diesel engines have been designed by engineers to satisfy the stringent Euro6 emissions standards.

Although super efficient, there is no compromise on power or performance on the road. These vans perform outstandingly well, with super efficient fuel economy; as good as 46.3mpg with the start/stop option.

Annual running costs have also been cut. The service intervals have been increased to 36,000 miles or 2 years.

Dependant on what you do, and what role your van needs to play, there are three power outputs to choose from.

  • 105ps – competent for light goods
  • 130ps – running at full load
  • 170ps – great for towing.

The Stylish Ford Transit Custom

Already a great looking van, there are lots of optional extras available including:

  • Electrically-operated and heated door mirrors
  • Quickclear heated windscreen
  • Washer fluid low-level sensor
  • Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Mitigation, Emergency Brake Assist and even Sign Recognition
  • Rear-view camera with Trailer Hitch Assist
  • Lane Keeping Alert
  • High series instrument cluster
  • Auto High Beam

The Sport model really goes to town and includes:

  • Sport styling kit – includes front lower bumper skirt with unique fog light bezel, body colour side skirts, rear bumper skirt, sports style bonnet stripes, front and rear wheel arch extensions.
  • 17″ 10-spoke black/machined alloy wheels with locking wheel nuts
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
  • Partial leather seat trim

If you appreciate the sporty look and have a budget which will allow, you need to take a look at our Ford Transit Custom WASP.

The Practical Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom is available as a panel van, a kombi, or the popular Double Cab In Van, as well as a choice of wheelbase length.

We’ve all had the embarrassment of filling up with the wrong fuel.  No? Just me then!!

Eliminating this is the ‘Easy-Fuel capless refuelling system’ This feature is available as standard and protects against your apprentice filling up your TDCi Euro 6 with unleaded.

The clever design also means you don’t have to touch a dirty cap – gone are the days of your cheese sandwich tasting of diesel. Blurgh!

Another ingenious option is the fold away roof rack system.   When not in use, this clever system can be folded flat so not to decrease fuel efficiency.  Clever eh?

It performs well too and can carry up to 130kg (80kg on the Sport, but if you’re driving a Transit Custom Sport, the roof rack capabilities were probably at the bottom of your priority list when purchasing extras).

Although the  Ford Transit Custom looks compact, appearances can be deceiving.  The Custom has cargo space ranging from 6 cu.m to 8.3 cu.m.  Optimising on the available load space, you can fit three euro pallets on the deck.  A cleverly designed flip-up panel in the bulkhead gives you the option to increase the max load length into the storage area under the front passenger seat.

The Affordable Transit Custom

There really is a Ford Transit Custom to suit all budgets.  The modest baseline is available from Swiss Vans for just £185 +vat per month.  even at this entry level, there are things such as electric windows, ABS and power steering for a comfortable drive.

Gradually increasing by a few pounds a month, the Trend and Limited gather more toys.  The Sport will really sting your budget, coming in at up to £350+vat per month.  Ouch!

There’s less ‘sting’ in our Ford Transit Custom WASP.  Available on the L1 and L2, and either the panel van of the DCIV.  If sporty is the appearance you are going for, definitely take a look.

We have been modifying the Custom for a couple of years now.  The Wheel and Styling Package is pretty awesome!  More details can be found here.

  • ford transit custom wasp red £229.00

    Ford Transit Custom

    Finance lease the Transit Custom from £219pm





the all new volkswagen petrol

The All New Volkswagen Transporter Petrol Range

Volkswagen Transporter Petrol TSI engines.

Volkswagen has announced the launch of TSI petrol engines in its Transporter range.


Not really… Diesel engines have been hitting the news of late with warnings that we’re running low on supplies,  add to this the changes in legislation and tax, the petrol option is looking attractive.  The petrol engines are not only cheaper, they also transmit a lower level of harmful emissions.  If you look into the increasing drives towards ultra-low emissions zones in towns and cities, its easy to see why these new petrol transporter vans would be tempting and diesel is becoming increasingly unattractive to some buyers.

The Volkswagen Transporter petrol is a sensible option for drivers who cover a low annual mileage and get a buzz from the agility and a refinement of a petrol engine.

A whopping 95% of vans on the road today are diesel. However, a petrol van isn’t so out of the ordinary. There is already a choice of petrol engines available in the VW Caddy range.  There are several large manufacturers making petrol powered small vans, including the Ford with its Transit Connect.  However, VW is the first to offer a petrol option in the mid sized van sector.

Why are petrol vans considered to be such an odd choice?

Diesel has always been the ‘go-to’ choice for van drivers. Diesel vans offer a high fuel efficiency with better pulling power bought by the higher torque. Diesel was once the cheaper fuel at the pumps too, but this is a thing of the past. Diesel has been priced above petrol for some time now.

What is TSI?

Volkswagen’s breakthrough technology for petrol engines.  ‘Turbocharged Stratified Injection’ the TSI engines are high-powered and more efficient.  This pioneering technology takes the best elements of the TDI diesel and FSI (Fuel Stratified Injection) engines and blends them together for outstanding performance.

Petrol V Diesel?

Which is the right choice for you?  The new petrol TSI won’t suit the needs of everyone,  particularly those covering high motorway mileage in heavily loaded vehicles.



 A lower purchase price or lower fuel costs?

 Volkswagen has announced that the new TSI Petrol Transporters will knock around £1,000 off the on the road price, compared to its diesel counterparts.

With a higher purchase price and a greater fuel efficiency on the diesel option, VW has said that, based on current fuel prices, you would need to cover around 18,000 miles in a 150hp diesel before you would make up the £1000 extra you paid out at the time of purchase. You would also save well-earned cash eliminating the potential Diesel Particulate Filter issues and by not having to top up Ad-blue every 5,000 miles!

If you cover lower miles, on shorter trips, the petrol TSI could be a sensible choice for you. Especially worth considering if you frequently drive in those towns and cities, jumping on ultra-low emissions zones.

Choosing a Petrol TSI Transporter

If you’ve decided that a petrol engine could be right for you, there is a choice of a 150PS or a 204ps, equal power output to the diesel TDI. Both are a 2.0-litre, four cylinder turbo engine.

The 150hp TSI is six-speed manual, front-wheel drive. The 204ps gives you a choice of 4 wheel drive, as well as a seven-speed automatic gearbox.

Van Fuel Economy

A SWB 2.0TDI 150PS EU6 6-speed manual diesel returns 46.3 combined mpg, whereas the petrol equivalent only gives you 31.0 mpg.

We know it can match the power output, but how about the important pull?
If you’re carrying a heavy load, then the pulling capabilities should be carefully considered.
150PS Petrol – 280Nm V’s 150PS Diesel – 340Nm
204PS Petrol – 350Nm V’s 204PS Diesel – 450Nm

This new range of Petrol Powered Transporters is available to order now.


modball rally

Swiss at the MODBALL Rally Europe

Swiss Vans are going to the Ball!

The World Famous Modball Rally to be precise.

Modball Rally

The Modball Rally takes place on international public highways across Europe, the USA and Australia.  With a different route planned every year, the rally sees entries from around 100 modified vehicles.  The first ever Modball Rally took place in 2007.  Starting in London, the route passed through AmsterdamColognePragueViennaMilan and finished in Lyon.

The 2016 rally was the biggest to date with 180 modified vehicles lined up at the start line in front of 40,000 fast-car (urm…van) fans. (like you and I!)

The 2018 Modball Rally will start in London, bringing people together with entries from all over the world for a week of entertainment, music and travel.  The Rally will be passing through Paris, Lyon, Monaco and Venice before coming to a race track end in Vienna.

Rally Start Line

The organisers work closely with London City Council to ensure the event starts smoothly.  Spectators are encouraged at the start line.  No spectator tickets are required, you can simply turn up and get amongst the celebrities involved, take pictures, soak up the atmosphere, and appreciate the outstanding display of highly modified vehicles.  It is very much a family event.

Van Modifications

The Modball Rally rules state that you can enter any car, providing it has at least two modifications.   Wow!  Just two? Not a problem for us.  Modifications are what we do.  Knowing where to stop will be the issue here!!

Team Swiss – Transporter TSI WASP

Excitement is building at Swiss Vans HQ, Bridgend.   Our Entry has been confirmed for the 2018 Modball Rally.  All we need now is an extreme van to keep up with the big boys…of course, we’re working on that part already.  We have put the T6 wheels in motion.

What can we tell you so far?  Our Modball entry will be a highly modified VW Transporter TSI, this petrol version launches in the UK later this year.  Obviously, it will be showing off our WASP.

– Stand by for mod updates as they happen.

 Team Swiss at the Modball Rally 2018


Check out the list of teams and cars entered for the 2018 Modball Rally from London to Vienna.  Team number 54!!!

1. TBC – UK – TBC
2. TBC – Switzerland – TBC
3. TBC – UK – TBC
4. Billofski – Sweden – 911 Turbo S Convertible
5. Gorgen – Netherlands – AMG GTR
6. TBC – Germany – Porsche GTS
7. TBC – UK – Mercedes GTS
8. TBC – UK – Ford Msport
9. What Could Possibly Go Wrong – UK – Porsche 911 Carerra S
10. TBC – Denmark – Ferrari 458 Spider
11. BellaJoJo’s – UK – Ferrari 458 Spider
12. Sol – UK – Lamborghini
13. TBC – UK – TBC
14. TBC – UK – TBC
15. TBC – Denmark – Ferrari 458 Spider
16. TBC – Romania – TBC
17. TBC – UK – TBC
18. Gravy Train – UK – TBC
19. TBC (Totally Boring C’s)  – UK – BMW X5M
20. Speed Racer – Lamborghini Aventador S
21. TBC – Feed The Pony – Ford Mustang GT
22. 10Q Racing Team – Germany – AMG
23. Lines N Nines – Scotland – BMW M4
24. No Limits – Sweden – Ferrari 458 Spider
25. TBC – UK – TBC
26. The Fast & Ferocious – Switzerland – Bentley Continental GT
27. Hilljet – UK – Bentley Continental GT
28. EspenWide – France – Porsche GT3RS
29. AP-Vision – Poland – TBC
30. Mr Rickno – Sweden – Lamborghini Huracan or Ferrari 488 Spider
31. Junk Crew – Portugal – Jeep Wrangler Lifted
32. TBC – UK – Aston Martin Rapide S
33. Madev Crew – France – TBC
34. TBC – Scotland – TBC
35. Tremma – UK – Ferrari F430
36. Team Dream – Germany – Lamborghini Aventador
37. TBC – UK – Porsche 997 Turbo
38. C Jonas – UK – TBC
39. Team Rawling – Sweden – Austria – Mercedes GTS
40. Dirty Blonde – Wales – TBC
41. Team Absolutely Cars – UK – Mclaren 570S
42. SF Conception – France – Mini Cooper Hamann
43. This Time Next Year – UK – Lamborghini Aventador
44. Carwerk Berlin – Berlin – Lamborghini Aventador Pirelli Edition
45. MNK Racing – USA – Mclaren 650s
46. Vision Cars – UK – TBC
47. Mr Team – Spain – TBC
48. Team Germany – Germany – Porsche 911 Carrera S
49. Funemployed – France – Rolls Royce Wraith
50. TBC – UK – Mclaren 570GT
51. Bonnie & Clyde – Switzerland – TBC
52. TBC – Germany – Audi R8
53. The Lucky Ones – UK – Abarth 595C Competizione
54. Team Swiss – UK – VW Transporter T6 WASP
55. Project Mac – UK – Mercedes AMG GTR
56. Diesel Brothers – UK – Land Rover Defender
57. TBC – Luxembourg – TBC
58. Alpha – UK – Lamborghini Performante
59. TBC – Luxembourg – TBC
60. TBC – USA – TBC

63. Half ‘N’ Half – UK – Mercedes C63

64. Ballers – UK – TBC

77. Excel Twinstar Racing – UK – TBC

80. My Epic Year – USA – TBC

84. Mighty Mini – UK – Mini John Cooper Works

130. TeamMadCroc #130 – Finland – TBC

Pick-up v Van v Toilet Roll

The good news is Swiss Vans can supply you with the first two!

Van Lease or Pick Up Lease?

Each carries their own pros and cons.

We’ll start by stating the obvious.  The panel van has an enclosed area for your cargo, whereas the pickup truck has an open load bed.

This aside, they both offer very similar benefits.

Let’s take our most popular Pick-Up at Swiss:

The ‘Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger Lease

To keep things simple, we’ll challenge it with:

The Ford ‘Transit Custom’

Ford Transit Custom Lease


Arguably, the Transit Custom is more suited to manoeuvring around city streets, it has an impressive turning circle of just 10.9m on this L1 model.  The Ranger, on the other hand, demands more space at 12.4m, definitely more suited to rugged rural terrain.  

This is where the Four wheel drive system takes the Ranger ahead of the game.  

The 4×4 system includes electronic stability control and traction control which team up to give an excellent driving experience both on and off road.

Keeping on side with the Ranger, another plus over the Transit Custom is the ease of loading.  The open bed of the Ranger makes loading and unloading of bulky or heavy items much more manageable.  It boasts an impressive payload of 1045kg.  The towing power of this is rugged off roader is a huge 6000kg (Max GTM).

So we know you can carry a lot, but how far will a gallon of fuel take you?  This 3.2 200ps diesel engine is pretty nippy!  It will take you 33.6 miles on average for your gallon.

Taking you further for your money, the Transit Custom can also carry an impressive amount of weight. Max payload on this is 1166kg,  towing capabilities are slightly less at 5365kg (Max GTM).

Load Security

Back to the obvious difference, the closed load bed v’s the easy to load open bed.  This will hugely impact your decision on which is right for you.  Firstly, security matters:  The open bed is distinctly lacking in security for your tools and protection from the elements.   If you’re carrying valuable tools or cargo, you need to store, and lock them safely inside.  Emptying your open bed pick up of tools every night isn’t ideal.  You might as well hang up a ‘help yourself ‘ sign if you’re leaving them on display overnight.

Ford have this covered (mind the pun!)  An option on the Ranger Limited Double Cab is a Style-X Hard Tonneau Cover.  This tough, lockable cover has a hinged design and will protect your load from thieving hands and unexpected down pours.  The transit also has the potential to be more organised.  There are many after market racking systems available to keep your tools and materials safely and neatly stashed away.  I wouldn’t fancy £100’s of pounds worth of kit rolling about on the flat bed of a pick-up!


Van Vinyl Wraps


You may not have thought about the importance of this one.  The great thing about a panel/transit vans is the amount of ‘panels’ it has available for advertising space.  If advertising is important to you, this is a game changer.

In conclusion…

The line of business you are in will determine which is the right one for you.

If you opt for a double cab in either, you can comfortably carry passengers.  Going for the 170ps Transit Custom would give you more power, and be more comparable to the Ranger.  If you’re on rough terrain, the Ranger is the sensible choice.

The security of the enclosed cab, and the ability to plaster your van in vinyl advertising tips the Transit Custom ahead for me.

Ultimately, your choice of vehicle depends on its intended purpose.  The same principle applies when buying toilet roll.  Whats the intended purpose?  If you’re blowing your nose, you might want to go for the security of some added aloe balm!



VW Transporter T6 Upgrades and mods

VW Transporter T6 & T5 Upgrades and mods

Everybody’s doing it!

Upgrading, modifying, customising…..

Whatever you choose to call it.

As the standard increases and imaginations run wild, a run of the mill, straight off the track VW Transporter doesn’t seem to satisfy the needs of hardcore enthusiasts and sports van drivers.

Standards are high amongst this fan base. Not everyone can stretch their budget far enough to be the king of the road in a Sportline Kombi.

Even with a modest budget, we need more ooomph!!

I say ‘we’ because I am a self-declared VW anorak myself.  There’s always a desire for an extra mod.

There’s always a desire to upgrade and mod a VW Transporter

At Swiss Vans, we can offer all manner of van modifications and van customisation to fulfil your needs.

Whether you drive a shiny new T6 or a humble T5 with 200k on the clock, Swiss will have a modification for you.

Some options are also available with 0% finance (subject to status)…..tempted yet?

Alloys perfect for VW Transporter

Instantly transform the look of your Transporter with a set of Alloy Wheels.  At Swiss, we can fit up to 18″ without invalidating your VW warranty or affecting performance.

There are no rules on colour…….   shiny, matt, black, white. pink, green, purple – whatever you fancy.

We have a vast range of Wolfrace, and Super Metal alloy wheels to choose from.  Our most popular is the Wolfrace Eurosport Assasin GT, often chosen by customers to be fitted to their WASP.

Drop Down DVD

If you’ve got kids, you’ll understand.  Our SwissVanTech Drop Down DVD players are available from just £150.  A small price to pay for quiet passengers and avoid the dreaded “Are we nearly there yet?”


VW Transporter LED lights/Angel Eyes

We can offer a fully fitted service, available on the T5 and the T6


You’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.  The days of shopping or small tools rolling around in the back of your van could be over.

This Swiss designed Vanorak offers a simple, yet genius storage solution for your transporter.


Carpeting & Lining

A necessary step to take you from a  standard panel van to leisure vehicle.  Quality carpet lining is available from Swiss.  Our seamless finish has hidden fixings.  We use 3-way stretch carpet material or you can upgrade to Alcantara.

This service typically takes two days to complete.  Whilst we are fitting, there is also the option to add LED lighting to the interior.

Leather/Alcantara interior

We offer a mobile fitting service and can upgrade your seats from as little as £1299+vat.

Available for a T5, T5.1 or a new T6, you can choose an old school sportline design, black/grey leather or treat your van to an Alcantara interior.  Lots of leather options are available to add a touch or luxury to your interior.

Sat Nav

Drive your van into the workshop at Swiss and we will replace your rear view mirror with a Rear View Satnav.  This fit while you wait service is available at our facilities at Bridgend.

  • Seamless operation
  • Can be fitted to any vehicle
  • Keep your existing head unit
  • No glare or reflection


T5 & T5.1 Badges & Grilles & Bodyparts

Even these small van modifications can make a huge difference to your kerb appeal without breaking the bank.  We have add-ons for your T5. starting from just £19, you can add a black VW badge, an illuminated VW Badge Break light, mudflaps, sidebars or a tailgate spoiler.  If you have more cash to spend; lowered suspension, Forge Big Brakes, front splitter, badgeless grille or we can offer a full Sportline conversion!  Talk to us about Van Modification Finance (available subject to status).

VW Transporter T6 WASP

The most popular van at Swiss. Its clear to see why.  If you’re into sporty vans and looking for new wheels, you have to look at the Volkswagen T6 WASP.  Exclusive to Swiss, designed, made and fitted by us.  This stunning Wheel And Styling Package is available on both the panel van and the kombi.  Prices start from £309 per month on the Volkswagen T6 WASP Panel Van.


The ultimate modification. The ABT speaks for itself.  Full or partial kits are available and can be fitted to order.  The sales team here can put together a quote, tailored to your own needs and budget.  Heres one we made earlier….

Quad Exhaust

Guaranteed to turn heads.  We have just fitted one to a T5. Check it out!

Sound & Speakers

Bring music to your ears with speaker upgrades, additional rear speakers, sub and amp fitting.  Or replace your head unit with a Pioneer DAB, we hold a stock of various models –  Tell us what you want.


This just touches on some of the options available to you.  You can let your imagination run wild in our design studio.  Swiss Vans are here to help.  We van advise on mods and fits for your Transporter.  We can supply and fit, and even arrange finance if needed.

All you have to do is decide which Transporter Modification you’re going to order first!











Van Lease - Transporter V Transit Custom

Van Lease – Transporter V Transit Custom

Do you need a van for your business?

Have you a passion for sports vans?

Do you need lots of space for your large family?

Whichever it is, you know you’re buying, but which one?

At Swiss Vans, our two best sellers are the Volkswagen Transport Kombi and the Ford Transit Custom. It’s clear to see why….

Choosing is easy for some.

Once a die hard VW fan, always a die hard VW fan?

Could you be tempted over to the dark side with a Ford?

Van Lease: VW Kombi or a Ford Transit Custom Double Cab?

The Ford Transit Custom Double-Cab-In-Van Limited 310 130ps

This top of the range ‘Limited’ Spec gives a luxurious feel. It’s packed with extras and features to sway you:

  • 16″ Alloys
  • Rear privacy glass
  • Heated seats
  • A/C
  • Digital radio with steering wheel controls
  • Body coloured body mouldings, bumpers and door handles

So we know it looks good, but how does it perform?

The 2.0 130ps has a max payload of 1275kg. This means you can carry 11,200 more tea bags than you could in the VW Kombi! Handy!

It’s super efficient ECOnetic engine can give you 45.6 mpg. To make life easier there a wide load side door, giving access to 3.5 cu.m of load space. The front and rear parking sensors make parking a breeze.

Tempted yet? The price might just do it for you. At Swiss, we can arrange finance lease on this vehicle from as little as £255 a month. (£2500 deposit, 47 x £255, plus final balloon figure).

So, if the Ford is giving you all you need, why pay more for a VW?

Volkswagen Kombi T32 150ps Highline.

Volkswagen vans are iconic, they draw a loyal fan base of both business and leisure users.

Their popularity means they hold a high resale value. Swiss have these Kombi Vans available on finance lease from £289 a month (£2500 deposit, plus final balloon figure).

So is it worth the extra?

The 2.0 BlueMotion 150ps is capable of 47 mpg.

The Highline is an impressive specification. The T32 gives you

  • 17″ alloys as standard
  • A/C
  • Leather trim steering wheel and gearknob
  • Rear parking sensors.
  • The T32 has a max payload of 1240kg.

The VW name has always been associated with reliability, you can’t put a price on that.

The VW Kombi will cost your more, but will be worth more when you come to trade in. For a lower payment, you’re gaining the extra payload, the parking sensors, and heated seats in the Custom. Is this enough to convince you to move away from the VW badge?

Only you can decide. Swiss always carry a stock of both, so you can have your new Kombi or Custom on your drive in as little as 2 weeks.

Ford Ranger Black Edition
VW T6 Transporter Startline
VW Transporter 204 DSG Van
VW Caddy Petrol
Transit Custom 170 DCIV
Toyota Proace Crew Cab
Vauxhall Movano Tipper

caddy Lease

Caddy Lease

The ‘Caddy’ a small van from Volkswagen. Volkswagen is the name everyone associates with reliability. This functional small van made its first appearance in 1980 and has continued to grow in popularity. It is particularly popular with business users and is often taken on a finance lease deal.

Popular amongst tradesmen and couriers, the Caddy Range has a model suited to most needs. There’s a panel van, a maxi version and a Kombi available in both. At Swiss vans, we can arrange a Caddy lease package for you and have your van delivered to you in as little as 2 weeks.

Special Edition

At the end of 2016, Volkswagen released the  Special Edition Caddy Black. This eye-catching, stylish, sporty-looking van fits in well here at Swiss! A mere 500 were made and there is only a handful left. The Black Edition is perfect for those wanting something a bit different. This Black Edition is based on the already impressive 2.0 TDI 102PS Highline. It includes air con, heated windscreen and rear parking sensors. It also boasts an impressive amount of additional features, to include:

  • Leather multifunction steering wheel
  • Deep Black Pearl Effect paint – hence the name!
  • Lowered Suspension,
  • 17″ Canyon Alloy Wheels

We have unbeatable Caddy van finance deals available on this, while stock last. You could lease one from as little as £198 per month, plus VAT. See the Volkswagen Caddy Black Edition page for full details.

If the special edition isn’t for you, we carry a large stock of the Caddy Van. The Startline 1.6 75ps offers an affordable solution if your budget will won’t stretch to the higher spec models. We can arrange finance on this Caddy Startline from as little as £165 (+vat) per month.

If you’re feeling a little more flush, the Trendline and Highline specs offer more gadgets for a slightly higher lease price.

Introducing the Caddy WASP

In true Swiss Vans style, we are excited to announce that our famous WASP is now available on the Caddy. Our WASP (Wheel and Styling Package) takes an ordinary Highline Caddy and transforms it into an impressive head turner. You will certainly be noticed on the road in this! The WASP includes:

  • Side Bars (Chrome or Black, the choice is yours)
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Front Splitter
  • 18″ Alloy Wheels.

As the Caddy is such a popular van, we often stock several variations. The sales team can tailor a quote on your new Volkswagen Caddy, whether its finance lease (our most popular way to finance your van) lease purchase or hire purchase.  Why not contact the team today, they are VW experts and are here to advise you on the vehicle best suited to your needs, and at a price best suited to your wallet.  Call today on 01656 674 620


Transit Connect Lease